Sue Ballard de Ruiz

Sue Ballard de Ruiz
Assistant Professor
Coordinator, Design Program
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Sciences



Contact Information:

Office Location:  322 Humphries
Telephone:  615-963-5623
FAX:  615-963-5033

Research Areas:

Sustainable Design, Historic Preservation.


Refereed journal Articles 2
Technical reports 10  
Books (illustrated) 2
Conference Presentations and Invited Lectures 3
Juried Designs 1

Most Significant Publications:

Publications: Innovative Teaching Ideas Manual  (2002)  IDEC pub.,  Idianapolis, IN   (authored 2 sections)   Mock Trial: a method of teaching fire codes  Design Analysis


Dign 2010 Environmental Design
Dign 3000 Fashion Illustration
Dign 3010 Costume/Fashion Design
Dign 3100 Design Analysis
Dign 3500 Studio Laboratory
Dign 4000 History of Interiors
Dign 4100 Textile Design
Dign 4200 Experimental Textile and Apparel Design
Dign 4320 Visual Communications
Dign 4350 Internship
FASH 4000 Display Merchandising
HIDM  3-D Design
Dign 3100 Interior, Fashion and Textile CAD
Dign 3230 Space Planning
Dign 4110 Contract Design
Dign 4120 Furniture and Finishes
Dign 4210 Interior Architecture
Dign 3005 Drafting for Interiors
Dign 3400 Presentation Techniques
HIDM   2-D Design
ID  Lighting Design


B.S.  (Interior Design) Western Kentucky University
M.S. (Interior Design) Virginia Tech

Date joined staff:  1996

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