Fur-Chi Chen

Fur-Chi Chen
Research Associate Professor
Food Science
Department of Human Sciences
College of Agriculture

Contact Information
Office Location:  204 D Farrell-Westbrook Complex
Telephone:  615-963-5410
FAX:  615-963-1557
Email:  fchen1@tnstate.edu

Research Areas
Safety and regulations of TSE agents (Prion) in food and animal feed products
Biosensors for detection of foodborne pathogens
Microbial contamination during cold storage of food

Refereed journal Articles -22
Books/Bulletins -5
Intl. Conference Proceedings -2
Technical reports -4
Research abstracts -52
Conference Presentations and Invited Lectures -28

Most Significant Publications
Kilonzo-Nthenge, A., Chen, F-C., and Godwin, S.L. 2008. Occurrence of Listeria and Enterobacteriaceae in Domestic Refrigerators. J. Food Prot: 71(3):608-612.
Kilonzo-Nthenge, A., Nahashon, S., Chen, F-C, and Adefope, N. 2008. Prevalence and Antimicrobial Resistance of Pathogenic Bacteria in Chicken and Guinea Fowl. Poultry Sci. 87: 1841-1848
 Dodo, H. W., Konan, K. N., Chen, F-C., Egnin, M., and Viquez, O. M. 2008. Alleviating Peanut Allergy Using Genetic Engineering: The Silencing Of The Immunodominant Allergen Ara H 2 Leads To Its Significant Reduction And A Decrease In Peanut Allergenicity. Plant Biotechnology Journal 6 (2), 135–145.
Zhou, S., Sauve, R., and Chen, F-C. 2007. Structure and temperature regulated expression of a cysteine proteinase gene in pachysandra terminalis Sieb. & Zucc. J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 132(1):97–101.
Godwin, S.L., Chen, F-C., Chamber, E., Coppings, R., and Chamber, D. 2007. A comprehensive evaluation of temperatures within home refrigerators. Food Protection Trends, 27 (3): 168-173.
Chen, F-C., Hsieh, Y-H. P., Bridgman, R. C., and Kilonzo-Nthenge, A. 2006. Kinetics of tropomyosin denaturation as a predictive model for verifying thermal processing of beef products. J. Food Protection, 69(10):2447-2453.
Chen, F-C., and Godwin, S. L. 2006. Comparison of a rapid ATP bioluminescence assay and standard plate count methods for assessing microbial contamination of consumer's refrigerators. J. Food Protection, 69(10):2534-2538.
Godwin, S. L., Chen, F-C., and Coppings, R. 2006. Correlation of visual perceptions of cleanliness and reported cleaning practices with measures of microbial contamination in home refrigerators. Food Protection Trends, 26 (7): 474-480.
Kilonzo-Nthenge, A., Chen, F-C., and Godwin, S. L. 2006. Efficacy of home washing methods in controlling surface microbial contamination on fresh produce. J. Food Protection, 69(2): 330-334.
Zhou, S., Chen, F-C., Nahashon, S., and Chen, T. 2006. Cloning and characterization of glycolate oxidase and NADH-dependent hydropyruvate reductase genes in Pachysandra terminalis. HortScience, 41(5):1-5.
 Liu, L., Chen, F-C., Dorsey, J. L., and Hsieh, Y-H. P. 2006. Sensitive monoclonal antibody-based sandwich ELISA for the detection of porcine skeletal muscle in meat and feed products. J. Food Science, 71(1): 1-6.

NUFS-3110 - Food Science
AGSC-4460 - Food Chemistry
NUFS-2110 - Elementary Nutrition

Awards and Honors
Member, National Advisory Committee on Meat and Poultry Inspection (NACMPI), 07/2010
Distinguished Research Scientist Award, IAgER, Tennessee State University, 12/2007
Faculty Research Award, Tennessee State University, 04/2007
Winner, First Place, Scientist Poster Competition for Emerging Technology, ARD, 04/2006

Ph.D. Food Science, Auburn University
M.S.  Food Science, University of Wisconsin-Stout
B.S.   Nutrition, Chung Shan Medical & Dental College, Taiwan

Date joined staff:  2002

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