FAQ-VA Educational Benefits

Have questions? See if we can answer them below:

Examples of Chapter 33 Payment Concerns:

I am Chapter 33-100%. I also have a scholarship for $1000. I have in state tuition and fees ($3249) and room and board plus meal plan ($4600). What is my payment amount?

  • VA pays full in state tuition/fees since you are approved at 100%. You then have a $1000 scholarship to offset the remaining $4600 that you owe. That leaves $3600 for your payment plan. 

 I am Chapter 33- 80%. I have no room and board/meals etc. and my in state tuition and fees are $3249.

  • VA will pay 80% of your cost- $2599.20 and you are responsible for the difference of $649.80. 

 I am Chapter 33 TOE-100% but I am out of state for residency. My out of state tuition charges are $6360 and the in state tuition and fees are $3249. I also have room and board/meal plan in the amount of $4600.

  • VA will pay the $3249 in state tuition and fees and you will need to make payments for the difference of $10,960. If you receive any other financial aid, you can deduct that from the $10,960 and make payments for the difference. 

 I need to drop/withdrawal from a course. How will this affect my VA funds?

  • The VA does not pay for any fee associated with dropping/withdrawing. If the VA has already paid for the class, you may acquire a debt with them. They will send you a letter in the mail with any debt information or you can call 1-888-442-4551 with any questions. Notify the TSU VA Rep once schedule is changed within 3 days for proper processing.

 Is Tennessee State University a part of the Yellow Ribbon program?

  • Yes. Tennessee State University is a part of the Yellow Ribbon program. 

 VA does not pay for out of state tuition. However, TSU participates in the VETS Act which waives out of state tuition. Additionally, TSU is a part of the Yellow Ribbon program. What are the other options do I have to help pay for school?

Students eligible for VA educational benefits and attending classes at a three-quarter time or higher rate qualify for VA-funded work study positions. All work study positions are related to veterans’ benefits, and there are a variety of work study positions in the Nashville area. For more details, go the U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs’ educational benefits website or contact the VA directly at 1-800-827-1000.

 I am a Chapter 30, 35, 1606 or 1607 and I have no other financial aid.

  • The full charges posted in your student account must be paid by the end of the semester with the VA deferment on file (if eligible). If you are awarded any scholarships or grants later, those amounts can be deducted and you can pay the difference. 

 I am a Voc Rehab student and need to get my books and supplies. How does that work?

  • Contact your Case Manager and have them submit your 1905 to this office for processing. Once this office receives the form, it is forwarded to the Bookstore and Bursar’s office. You will then be able to get your books and supplies from the Bookstore at anytime. 

 I am a new student. How do I get started using my VA educational benefit?

 I am a returning student. What do I need to do for this upcoming (or current) semester to utilize my VA benefit?

 I have already turned in my paperwork for the semester but I have made changes to my schedule. What do I do?

 What number can I call to contact the VA directly?

  • 1-888-442-4551

 Why haven’t I received any funds from the VA?

  • Have you filled out and submitted the appropriate paperwork for the semester? If so, contact the VA representative. If not, please fill out the appropriate paperwork. See Step by Step instructions for further detail.

 I am a student at another institution. I want to take classes with TSU and use my GI Bill. How do I do this?

  • If you are not pursing your degree with TSU but are planning to take TSU courses, your institution’s VA Representative must supply the TSU VA Representative with a Parent School Letter with your information on it before your TSU courses can be certified to the VA. 

 I am a TSU student. I want to take classes at another institution and use my GI Bill. How do I do this?


If you have any additional questions regarding your VA benefits, please contact Vanessa Cummings, VA Supervisor, by emailling vcumming@tnstate.edu or calling 615-963-1392.