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ACT - American College Testing

ATI TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills)

Accuplacer - TSU Admissions Placement Exam

Certiport - Microsoft Exams, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Expert, IC3

CLEP - College Level Examination Program

DSST - DANTES Subject Standardized Tests

GRE - Graduate Record Exam

HiSET High School Equivalency Test

IAAP CAP - International Association of Administrative Professionals Certified Administrative Professional Exam

LSAT - Law School Admissions

MPRE - Multi-Professional Responsibility Exam                       


TN eCampus (Proctored Exams)

TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language


ATI TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills)

General Information

The ATI TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is designed specifically to assess a student's preparedness entering the health science fields. The ATI TEAS test is comprised of 170 questions set up in a multiple-choice format with four-option answers. Questions are designed to test the basic academic skills you will need to perform in class in the areas of: Reading, Math, Science and English and Language Usage.

Where and when can I take the TEAS exam?

TEAS examinations are offered through TSU Testing Center throughout the year. The TEAS is a computer-based exam and is administered on theAvon Williams campus (330 10th Ave. N. Nashville, TN 37203)  The exam schedule is offered every Wednesday and Friday.  

Schedules are subject to change based on university closings.

The cost to take the ATI TEAS at Tennessee State University is $117.00. All payments are made on the ATI Student Account page.


How to create an ATI Student Account --

If you are not a current user on www.atitesting.com, you must create a new account to access the student portal to not only access the ATI TEAS Free Online Practice Test but also to take your TEAS exam, complete the dry run for remote proctored online TEAS exams, access score reports following your TEAS exam, send transcripts, and much more.

Follow the steps below to create a new account.

From the atitesting.com home page, click CREATE ACCOUNT.

  • On the Sign In Info page, enter the account information that you will use to sign in to your account or to recover your account.  You must enter valid information into all the fields on this screen before you can proceed. If your entry is not accepted, an error message will appear. 
  • After you have entered all your account information, click Continue, to go to the Security Questions page.
  • On the Security Questions page, select three different security questions, once from each list and enter the answer for each. Be sure to record your questions for your future reference, in case you need to recover your account or you can't remember your password.
  • Click Continue, to enter your personal information. 
  • On the Institution Info page, select an Institution where you will be applying.  You will need to select one main institution even if you plan to apply to more than one school.  Your institution can be updated in your student account at any time. NOTE:  Some schools may require you to enter your school ID that they assign.  If you do not know your future graduation date, please click the non-degree seeking box.
  • Click Continue, to enter Demographic Info. 
  • On the Demographic Info page, enter your Gender, Birth Date, Race, and Primary Language information.  Only Birth Date is required. 
  • Click Continue, to go to Subscription, Updates, & Notes.
  • On the Subscription , Updates & Notes page, read the Subscription, Updates & Notes Information.
  • If you agree to allow ATI to share your information under the terms presented on the screen, select Yes, I consent check box.
  • Click Continue to go to User Terms and Conditions. 
  • On the Terms and Conditions page, read the information under User Terms and Conditions. 
  • Then select the Yes, I Agree check box to acknowledge that your have read the ATI  User Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them.
  • Click Previous if you want to change any of the information you have enterered into your new account. 
  • Click Register when you are finished creating your account.  

Pursuant to the Americans with disabilities Act, each testing institution must provide reasonable accommodations to individuals with a documented disability that hinders their ability to take any ATI assessment under standard conditions. It is the responsibility of each administering institution to determine how the disability will be reasonably accommodated in the testing process and for the proctor to ensure that the approved accommodation is in place. Please contact the testing facility to arrange ADA accommodations prior to registering for your TEAS session.


Accuplacer (Admissions Placement Exam)

Tennessee State University and other TBR institutions use the ACT and/or SAT scores to determine if students are ready for independent mastery of college courses, ready for college courses with learning support, or require additional preparation prior to most college courses.  First-year students who were 21 years of age or older at the time they were admitted, are required to either submit valid AC or SAT scores, or, take the ACCUPLACER exam.

The ACCUPLACER exam is an untimed, computer-based-test that helps TSU advisers evaluate student's skills and place them into appropriate courses.  The ACCUPLACER test measures skills in the areas of Reading, Writing and Mathematics.  The benefit of placement testing is that academic advisers are better equipped to place students into courses that will strengthen their academic potential, challenge their abilities, and maximize their academic success.  Students receive their ACCUPLACER test results immediately upon completion of the test.  Test scores earned from the ACCUPLACER will be used in place of ACT or SAT scores to determine the student's readiness for college courses.

Test Preparation:

ACCUPLACER offers tools and resources to help students prepare for the tests at https://accuplacerpractice.collegeboard.org .

Registration Procedures:

The ACCUPLACER is administered in Holland Hall, Academic Testing Lab 310.  If it is not convenient to take an examination at TSU, a student may register for "Remote Network Testing" or "Virtual Remote Proctoring".  Students requesting Remote Testing or Virtual Remote Protoring will be assessed a fee.  Please contact the Testing Center for additional information.

The ACCUPLACER test is administered only to those students who have been officially admitted to the university, have received notification that they are required to take the test and have a "T" Number assigned b the Office of Admissions. There is no fee to take the ACCUPLACER.  Students requesting a retest or wishing to challenge their initial placement will be charged a twenty-five dollar (25.00) Administration Fee.

ID Requirement:

All examinees must present a valid form of identification in order to take the ACCUPLACER.  Examinees testing within their country of citizenship (American Students) may bring an unexpired driver's license or passport.  Those who are not testing in their country of citizenship MUST bring their passport in order to be tested.


College-level Examination Program (CLEP)

The College-Level Examination Program ®-(CLEP) is a College Board program that allows students to earn college credit by demonstrating their mastery of college-level material in introductory subjects.  The College-Level Examination Program provides students of any age with the opportunity to demonstrate college-level achievement through a program of exams in undergraduate college courses.  CLEP credits are accepted by 2,900 colleges and universities.

All 33 exams are administered on computer and most are 90 minutes long.  The examination is preceded by a tutorial that explains how to take the exam on the computer.  The tests are composed of multiple-choice or fill-in questions, with the exception of College Composition, which requires multiple-choice answers and two essays typed on the computer.

CLEP examinations are offered through the TSU Testing Center throughout the year.  Students wishing to take CLEP examinations are advised to delay registering for college courses in the subject areas in which CLEP credit may be earned.  If it is not convenient to take an examination at TSU, a student may register for testing at any testing center located throughout the United States.  See CLEP    for a list of locations.  When taking a CLEP exam at another site, the student must request that his/her scores be sent to TSU (Code: 1803).

CLEP Registration Procedures:

STEP 1:  Create Your Personal Account with CLEP

Go to the CLEP website and set up an account through the CLEP My Account Registration Portal.  The registration platform will allow you to register for a CLEP exam 24/7, pay the $85.00 exam fee, manage your personal information any time prior to taking the exam, select your score recipient institution, and purchase study materials.  Each time you register for an exam, please be sure to print out your CLEP Voucher (registration ticket)The CLEP Voucher must be provided to the Test Center on the scheduled test date.

STEP 2:  Register via Registerblast

After completing step 1, you must reserve a date and a computer at the TSU Computer-Based-Testing lab, located on the Avon Williams Campus.  The Testing Center administration fee is $28.50 and must be paid through our online payment system.  For a listing of upcoming CLEP test dates, please view our Testing Schedule

To reserve a test date and a computer for CLEP, you can register online at www.registerblast.com/tsu/Exam or by clicking on the "register now" link below.


ID Requirements:  

All examinees must present at least one form of identification in order to take the CLEP.  Examinees testing within their country of citizenship may bring an unexpired driver's license, a current State or Federal ID card, Military ID or a current Passport as ID.  Examinees who are not testing within their country of citizenship must bring their passport in order to be tested.  

CLEP Re-Testing Policy 

You may not repeat an examination of the same title within 90 days (3 months) of the initial testing date.  If you retake the examination within the three-month period, your administration will be considered invalid, your score will be canceled and any test fees will be forfeited.  DANTES-funded military examinees:  Effective Dec. 11, 2010, DANTES no longer funds retesting on previously funded CLEP exams. However, service members may personally fund a re-test after waiting three months.

Military Personnel - DANTES

Clep exams are funded by the U.S. government through the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) for the following:

  • Military personnel (active duty, reserve, National Guard):  Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard, Army Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, Navy Reserve, Coast guard Reserve, Army and Air National Guard
  • Spouses and civilian employees of:  Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard, Army National Guard, Army Reserve, Coast Guard (active and reserve)

Contact DANTES at 850-452-1063 for questions regarding eligibility for DANTES-funded CLEP exams. 


Under provisions of the Veteran's Benefits Improvement Act of 2004 (Public Law 108-454), depending on their benefits election, some veterans can claim full reimbursement for CLEP exams and exam administration fees.  For more information, please visit CLEP Veterans .

For more information about CLEP please visit their website and download a copy of the "Information for Test Taker



Graduate Record Examination - Revised (GRE)

The Graduate Record Examination - Revised (GRE) is widely accepted for admission to graduate programs.  The GRE-revised is available only as a computer-based-test and it is administered at the TSU Computer-Based-Testing lab located on the Avon Williams Campus. All students wishing to take the GRE must complete all registration actions and pay for their exam online with GRE.

To register for the GRE, students must go online to www.ets.org/gre  or contact the Prometric Candidate Services Call Center at  1-800-473-2255.  Registrations cannot be accepted through the Testing Center.

For complete information on the GRE Revised, please view/download The GRE 2015-16 Information and Registration Bulletin.




HiSET High School Equivalency Test

Tennessee state University is an approved testing site for the HiSET exam.  

HiSET is an exam that shows that you have the same knowledge and skills as someone who completed high school.  HiSET, is divided into five subjects: reading, math, science, writing, and social studies.  When you pass, you get a High School Equivalency Credential. Contact an adult education center to, find out how they can help you prepare for the HiSET.

Go here for aditional HiSET information:  https://hiset.org/






The Praxis Series® tests measure teacher candidates’ knowledge and skills. The tests are used for licensing and certification processes and include:

Praxis® Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core)

These tests measure academic skills in reading, writing and mathematics. They were designed to provide comprehensive assessments that measure the skills and content knowledge of candidates entering teacher preparation programs. See Praxis Core information.

Praxis® Subject Assessments (formerly the Praxis II® tests)

These tests measure subject-specific content knowledge, as well as general and subject-specific teaching skills, that you need for beginning teaching. See Praxis Subject Assessments information.  

All Praxis ® tests are delivered by computer, except for Braille Proficiency (0631) and Assessment of Signed Communication – American Sign Language (0632). Some tests are offered continuously while others are offered in testing windows that occur several times a year. See  Test Centers and Dates .  


Three ways to register for PRAXIS:

     1.  Register Online Now 

     2.  Register by Mail:

     3.  Register by Phone:  1-800-772-9476 (additional $35.00 charge for  this service).



TN eCampus (Proctored Exams)

The TSU Testing Center serves as a proctor for students enrolled in TN eCampus courses. There is no fee for this service. The exams are administered via computer or paper (instructor discretion) at the Holland Hall Testing Center, Room 310.  All students are advised to check with their individual online instructors to make sure of the exam(s) they must take. 

See Testing Schedule or                       




Senior Exit Examination

All Tennessee Board of Regents institutions are required to assess the outcomes of their educational programs by evaluating all graduating students with a measure of general academic knowledge and skills.  Territorium is the test currently used as the Senior Exit Exam at TSU.  All TSU Seniors earning a Baccalaureate degree must take this test in order to fulfill their graduation requirements. 

The Territorium consists of 36 multiple-choice questions, ranging in difficulty from quite easy to fairly difficult and requires approximately 45 to 60 minutes.  There is no fee for TSU students taking the Senior Exit Exam.  Students are encouraged to take the Senior Exit Exam as early as possible in the academic year in which they plan to graduate.  If their graduation is postponed for any reason, students are not required to take the Senior Exit Exam again.

The Senior Exit is a Computer-Based exam and is administered on the Main Campus, Holland Hall Room 310.  Graduating Seniors can check the Testing Schedule for a list of upcoming dates and times that the exam will be offered.  Seniors must register online to take the exam; we do not accept faxed registrations.


Websites to help students prepare for the math questions on the Territorium:





TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

The TOEFL is the most widely respected English-Language test and is recognized and accepted by many schools, colleges, and businesses requiring proof of English proficiency for second language learners. The TOEFL is administered at the TSU Computer-Based-Testing Lab located on the Avon Williams Campus, Room 220. 

To register for the TOEFL, candidates may go online to www.ets.org/toefl or call the Prometric Candidate Services Call Center at    1-800-468-6335 (1-800-GO-TOEFL).