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The faculty believe perspective gives meaning to the intellectual and practical elements of curriculum and instruction and these must be explored with students for their underlying assumptions, and for their relative strengths and weaknesses. The theoretical and practical paradigms that shape American education are explored for their implications in today's increasingly global classroom.

Teaching & Learning (EDCI)
Main Office: 203 Clay Hall
Phone: (615) 963-5465
Campus P.O. Box 9561

Nicole Arrighi

Nicole Kendall Arrighi, Ed.D.

B.S., 1999, University of Tennessee at Martin, M.S. 2000,
Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, Ed.D, 2005,
Tennessee State University

Office: 204A Clay Hall
Phone: (615) 963-5482
Email: nkendall@tnstate.edu

Jane Asamani

Jane Asamani, Ph.D.

Practitioner License, 1981, Moneaque Teachers College, St. Ann,
Jamaica; B.A., 1981, University of the West Indies, Mona Kingston, Jamaica; M.A., 1986, Fisk University; Ed.S., 1993, Tennessee State University;
Ed.D., 1995, Tennessee State University

Office: 209C Clay Hall
Phone: (615) 963-5573
Email:  jasamani@tnstate.edu

Dr. Kisha Bryan

Kisha Bryan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

B.A., 1999 Voorhees College; M.A.T., 2001, State University of New York;
Ph.D., 2012, University of Florida

Office: 211D Clay Hall
Phone: (615) 963-5466
Email: kbryan@tnstate.edu

Dr. Sumita Chakraborti-Ghosh

Sumita Chakraborti-Ghosh, Ph.D.

B.S., 1975, Calcutta University, Calcutta, India; B.S., 1987,
Utah State University; M.A., 1979, Rabindra Bharati University,
Calcutta India; Ph.D., 1998, New Mexico State University

Office: 209B Clay Hall
Phone: (615) 963-5476
Email:  schakraborti@tnstate.edu 

Beth Christian

Beth Christian, Ph.D.

B.A., 1991, University of Tennessee; M.A., 1993, 
Middle Tennessee State University; Ph.D., 2002,
Peabody College of Vanderbilt University

Office: 216 Clay Hall
Phone: (615) 963-5324
VSCC Campus: (615) 230-3706
Email: bchristian1@tnstate.edu 

Mrs. Gervaise Clark

Mrs. Gervaise Clark
Administrative Assistant III 

Office: 203 Clay Hall
Phone: (615) 963-5465
Email:  geclark@tnstate.edu

Dr. Latoya Johnson

Latoya Johnson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

B.S., 2007, University of Southern Mississippi; M.A.T., 2011,
Bellhaven University; Ph.D., 2015, University of Georgia

Office: 211A Clay Hall
Phone: (615) 963-1346
Email: ljohns91@tnstate.edu  

Dr. Show Mei Lin

Show Mei Lin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

B.A. 1981 Soochow University, Taipei, Taiwan; M.S.W. 1985,
California State University, Fresno; Teacher Certification 1997,
University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Ph.D.2009 The 
University of Oklahoma

Office: 209A Clay Hall
Phone: (615) 963-1348
Email: slin@tnstate.edu

Dr. Graham Matthews

Graham P. Matthews, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

B. A., 1969, Central State University; M.A., 1970, University of Michigan;
Ph.D., 1976, University of Michigan; M. Div., 1982, Vanderbilt University 
Divinity School.

Office: 204B Clay Hall
Phone: (615) 963-5029
Email:  gmatthews2@tnstate.edu

Dr. UrLeaka Newsome

UrLeaka Woodard Newsome, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

B.S., 2002, Mercer University; M.S., 2005, Louisiana Technological
University, Ph.D., 2016, University of Georgia

Office: 211D Clay Hall
Phone: (615) 963-5477
Email: unewsome@tnstate.edu

Heraldo Richards

Heraldo Richards, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, College of Education
Associate Professor

B.A., 1975, University of Chicago; M.A., 1985, University of Michigan;
Ph.D., 1993, Northwestern University

Office: 112 Clay Hall
Phone: (615) 963-5620
Email:  hrichards@tnstate.edu  

Dr. Twianie Roberts

Twianie Roberts, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor

B.A., 1998, Fisk University; M.S., 1990, Tennessee State University
Ed.D., 1993, Tennessee State University

Office: 203B Clay Hall
Phone:(615) 963-5465
Email: TRober25@tnstate.edu
Celeste Williams

Celeste Williams, Ed.D.

B.S., 1987, Guilford College; M.S., 1995, 
Ed.D. 2001, Tennessee State University

Office: 211C Clay Hall 
Phone: (615) 963-5446 
Email:  cwilliams@tnstate.edu  

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