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How to edit an existing PDF and then upload the revised PDF to website:

  1. First, in order to edit the existing PDF, download the old PDF from your website... being sure to keep its filename the same.
  2. Make your edits to the PDF and save the PDF to your PC...being sure to keep its filename the same.
  3. Login to OU Campus | how to login
  4. Follow these upload instructions...being sure to click the "overwrite" box as the instructions mention...since you overwriting a PDF that's already on your website.
  5. You're finished with OU Campus.  You can logout of OU Campus (upper right) if you want.
  6. On the live webpage that has the link to your PDF, refresh that page in order to see your new PDF. 
  7. If your browser is NOT displaying the new PDF, clear your browser's cache ( how to clear cache ) in order for your browser to bring up the new PDF rather than the old one.
  8. Try again to see if your browser is now recognizing the new/edited PDF. If not, do all of these steps again. You must have missed something.


How to Provide a Share Button on Your Webpage, Email, Document, etc.
(This button may be added to all digital communications -- email, webpage, Word doc, PDF, etc.)

    First, on the following Twitter link, alter the part in orange to be the web page that you are wanting to share on Twitter. Be VERY careful not to alter any of the other text.

    Then, in the following Facebook link, alter the part in orange to be the web page that you are wanting to share on Facebook:

  3. Then, copy the following the linked-text below for whichever social-platform you're using... and paste it onto your email (or webpage, Word Doc, etc.).

    share on Twitter  |  share on Facebook

  4. Then, right-click each of the “share” links you just pasted ….and alter each one’s hyperlink to be the hyperlink that you created earlier in these instructions.

  5. Then, run a test first before sending to a mass of folks.  Send it to yourself first…and see if it lets you share on your own Twitter account and on your Facebook account.

  6. If your test is successful, send out your REAL communication!