Graduate Psychology Student Organization

What We Do:

The Graduate Psychology Student Organization (GPSO) is comprised of counseling psychology graduate students at Tennessee State University.  This organization is supported by the core faculty in the counseling psychology Ph.D. program, and directed by students elected by the members of the counseling psychology graduate program.  The GPSO is often responsible for disseminating information about the program to fellow students and organizing events to cultivate social and educational advancements. 

The main purposes of the GPSO are to: 

  • Facilitate relationships between graduate psychology students and faculty
  • Represent these students in their pursuit of excellence in professional preparation
  • Unify educational and social pathways of students
  • Assist students in navigating the avenues of university administration.  

GPSO Executive Board: 


Janani Raman

Vice President

Shereen Haj-Hassan


Rebbecca Lowe


Calisha Brooks

Faculty Liaison/                  Student Representative

Jackie Newman


Amy Berman

DIV 17 Rep

Teresa Young

Events Coordinator

Amy Sellers 

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