Research Projects


On-Going Research Projects:

Visual Inspection Project Development of advanced Intelligent Automated Visual Inspection System (I-AVIS) for imperfections/defects detect, classification, and characterization of surface condition of Jet Engine Components.

Partially Observable Group Activity Detection and Characterization - Two funded projects related to Development of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Image Processing Schemes for Visual Tracking and Characterization of Group Activities in Confined Obstructed Spaces.

Layered Sensing and Sensor Data Fusion and Exploitation in Contested Environments Applied sensor data fusion techniques in complex contested environment.  This project is funded by Wright-Patterson Air Force Research Lab.




Completed Research Projects:


ARO-MURI Project - Network-based Hard/Soft Information Fusion of multi-modality sensors sponsored by the US Army Research Office under research contract called "Unified Research on Network-based Hard/Soft Information Fusion" that is a Multi-university University Research Initiative (MURI) project led by University of Buffalo and participated by the Pennsylvania State University and Tennessee State University.


Center of Excellence for Battlefield Sensor Fusion - A five-year research effort collaborated with Tennessee State University, and Pennsylvania State Univeristy.  The research scope included: sensor networking, sensor data and information fusion in sensor networks, market-based sensors allocation, and multimodality sensor data fusion in complex surveillance systems. 


Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) macro-Radar Project - Design, development, and test evaluation of a macro-scale UWB Radar system. 


Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) macro-Radar Antenna Design Project - Design, development and testing of 3D antenna system for macro-scale UWB radar applications.


Prognostics of Ground Satellite Station Project - Development of prognostics capability for damage assessment to Ground Satellite Stations' electronics equipment.


Condition-based Health Monitoring and Diagnostics of Bearing Project - Development of Multi-Sensor diagnostic system for incipient defects detection and damage characterization of dynamically loaded bearings.


Automatic Target Recognition in Restricted Surveillance Systems Project - Development of image processing techniques for automatic target detection, tracking, and recognition.


Tactical Mobility Control of Cooperative Robotic Sytems Project  - Development of distributed control scheme for tactical formation and tasking of semi-autonomous ground robotics systems.


Uncertainty Measurement of Coordinating Measuring Machines - Development of uncertainty budgeting schemes for performance evaluation and assessment of Coordinating Measuring Machines (CMM's) based on features of a patented 3D Spherical artifact.




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