Our Major Area of Research Focus are:

  • Target Localization, Identification, and Classification Based Multimodality Video Imagery
  • Multimodality Synthetic Sensor Imagery Data Generation
  • Layered Sensing and Fusion Exploitation in Contested Environments
  • Multi-Source Multi-Modality Sensor Data Fusion
  • Social Networks/Interactions Recognition Using Multi-Modality Data Fusion
  • Sensing and Sensor Modeling (SSM) in Virtual Reality Environments (VRE) Technologies
  • Full Motion Video Content-Tagging Via Semantic Annotation
  • Bayesian Based Decision Making
  • Predictive Visual Analytics
  • Physics Based Radar Signal Modeling & Simulation
  • Multi-Agent Behavior-Based Tactical Mobility Control
  • Integrated Supervisory Mobility Control Development
  • Autonomous Cooperative Robotics Systems Control
  • Visual and Communication-Based Task Planning and Execution
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence
  • Customized Autonomous Robotics System Design & Development
  • Biologically Motivated Robotic Intelligent Systems
  • Advanced Man-Machine Interface Development
  • Real-Time Application Software Development
  • Automated Manufacturing Visual Inspection

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