Institutional Review Board

Research Guidelines

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has issued guidelines to institutions doing research involving the use of human subjects and/or data collected from human subjects. Among other matters, these guidelines (45 CFR 46) are concerned with the protection of confidentiality of data and protection against physical, psychological, social, and legal risks. It is the policy of Tennessee State University that all research involving human subjects, whether federally funded or not, be reviewed by its Institutional Review Board, known as IRB, for adherence to the guidelines. Research projects may not be initiated until and unless the project is approved by this committee under these guidelines.

Full board meetings shall occur on a monthly basis or will be called when the Chairperson judges necessary. Completed Research Proposal Forms must be forwarded (preferably via e-mail to to the IRB Chair / Administrator not later than the tenth day of each month for consideration during a given month. If a proposal is submitted after the tenth day of the current month, the proposal will be held until the submission period of the following month. It is the intent of the committee to provide feedback on proposals within 20 working days of the submission dates of the first through the tenth of each month.

IRB Chair:

Dr. Monique McCallister

IRB subject to 21 business day processing time. 
FWA Document  (Approved through July 31, 2020)