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External Principal Investigators

The Tennessee State Institutional Review Board (IRB) requires that collaborative research endeavors by principal researchers outside of Tennessee State University meet the criteria outline below.    

(1)   First, Researchers must complete the IRB application for Tennessee State University, found on the TSU website. 

      a. Please click here to complete the IRB application: Human Subjects Research Proposal Form

(2)   Secondly, the Certificate of Completion of Mandatory Training by Researcher(s) using Human Subjects should be completed and attached to the proposal.

      a. If needed, please click here to complete the Mandatory Training: Mandatory Training for Researchers using Human Subjects 

      b. Please note: All researchers involved must complete the training and submit this specific certificate

(3)   Thirdly, all research done by outside researchers requires a Letter of Support from a Tennessee State University research faculty member.  This Letter of Support must be on letterhead and attached with the application.

(4)   Finally, please attach the IRB approval letter from your home institution to confirm IRB approval for this research project.

If you have any questions please contact the IRB at irb@tnstate.edu. We wish you success in your research endeavors and thank you for your interest in Tennessee State University.