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To inform, educate, and entertain while touching on topics including but not limited to sports, health, and fitness. All while bringing it to you from an HBCU perspective.   


Podcasts 2023-2024:
S2: Episode 6
S2 Pic#6
Blaine Hoover Shares His Experience and Views as an AFL Athlete
Guests: Blaine Hoover - Nashville Kats AFL Athlete
S2: Episode 5
S2 Pic#5
Dr. Marsh and Dr. Edwards-Burrell on Navigating Life After Graduation for Student-Athletes
Guests: Dr. Mecca Marsh - CEO and Founder of MMarsh Consulting Dr. Marissa Edwards-Burrell - Lifestyle Therapist & health psychology
S2: Episode 4
S2 Pic#4
Jamesetta Cleveland, Founder of Sport Mom University, on Building a Holistic Sport Family
Guest: Jamesetta Cleveland - Founder at Sports Mom University & Director 
S2: Episode 3
S2 Pic3
Financial Literacy for Athletes: Insights from Dr. Mikki Brown at the 2024 R2A Summit
Guest: Ms. LaVonda (Mikki) Brown - Commercial Bank Services
S2: Episode 2
S2 Pic#2
Dr. Raquel Martin on the 'Whole Athlete, Whole Person' Approach at the 2024 R2A Summit
Guest: Dr. Raquel Martin - Licensed Clinical Psychologist, TSU Assistant Professor
S2: Episode 1
S2 Pic#1
Learn the Benefits of Conscious Meditation Rest for Athletes with Ron Johnson at the 2024 R2A Summit
Guest: Ron Johnson - Meditation Expert, Conscious Mental Rest (CMR) specialist

Episode 30
Loren Russell: From TSU Psychology Graduate to Serving Seniors in Assisted Living
Guest: Loren Russell - Senior Living
Episode 29
Inside the Business of Corporate Partnerships: A Conversation with Nashville Sound Baseball Club VP Daniel Gaw
Guest: Danielle Gaw - Vice President, Corporate Partnerships at Nashville Sounds Baseball Club
Episode 28
Coach Sopp: An Inspirational Journey to Becoming TSU's Director of Sports Performance
Guest: Scott (Sopp) Holsopple - Director of Sports Performance
Episode 27
Pic# 27
Inside TSU Basketball: Men's Head Coach Talks Program and Goals
Guest: Brian “Penny” Collins - Men's Basketball Head Coach
Episode 26
Pic #26
Inside the World of a Sports Agent: A Discussion with Rolando Shannon
Guest: Rolando Shannon - Sports Agent
Episode 25
Pic podcast #25
Dr. Nicole Arrighi: Goals and Role as Faculty Representative at TSU
Guest: Dr. Nicole Arrighi - Faculty Athletics Representative
Episode 24
Pic podcast #24
Owen Johnson's Dedication as a Foreigner Led Him to Become an Associate Professor at the Public Health Department
Guest: Owen Johnson - Public health Department Associate Professor
Episode 23
Pic Podcast #23
Trevor Searcy's Passion for Treating Athletes' Injuries Led Him to Become Athletic Director of Sports Medicine
Guest: Trevor Searcy - Athletic Director of Sports Medicine
Episode 22
Pic 22
Dr. Barrendo on TSU College of Health Science and Student Opportunity
Guest: Ronald Barredo - Dean College of Health Sciences
Episode 21
Pic podcast 21
Relate 2 Athlete: Mental Health and Athlete Development
Guest: Eric D. Capehart - Athlete Empowerment
            Ashley Danielle -  executive director of nonprofit ABC sports foundation  
            Micae Brown - Business access advisor 
Episode 20
Pic podcast 20
Hannah Alsup, Director of Premium Service at Nashville Predators, career, and TSU connection.
Guest: Hannah Alsup - Director of Premium Service at Nashville Predators
Episode 19
Pic podcast #19
Journey of Johari Matthews: VP and Executive Director of Titans Foundation & TSU Titans Seminar
Guest: Johari Matthews - Vice President Executive Director of the Titans Foundation
Episode 18
Pic Podcast #18
Chandra Cheeseborough: A Successful Journey from Olympian to Coach at TSU
Guest: Chandra Cheeseborough-Guice Olympian & Director of Track and Field
Episode 17
Pic #17
Exploring the Athletic Trainer's World at TSU and the Path to Becoming One
Guest: Jeremy (JP) Hall - Assistant Athletic Trainer  - Basketball and Tennis
Episode 16
Pic podcast 16
The Fulfilling Journey of a Professor in Exercise Physiology Dedicated to Helping Others.
Guest: James Heimdal - Associate professor Exercise Physiology and Cardiovascular Health
Episode 15
Pic 15
TSU Sports Science research studies
Guest: Robbie Cochrum - Associate Professor Exercise Science
Episode 14
Podcast pic 14
Self Developpement: giving back to the community 
Guest:  Phillip Taylor - HPSS Donator & Real Estate
            Jessica Williams @smartgirldevelopment - Community Development & Real Estate
Episode 13
Pic episode 13
Women in the Sport Science Field & Apprehension in Strength and Conditioning
Guest: Dr. Sarah Martinez-Sepanski - Assistant Professor Exercise Science
Episode 12
Pic podcast #12
The HPSS Titans Seminar. A Special Topic Class that Leads to Opportunity
Guest: Arrington Kalijah  HPSS Senior 
           Miley Jaylen HPSS Senior
Episode 11
Pic Podcast 11
Get the mosts benefits from the HPSS Department 
Guest: Shaw Brianna - Senior 
            Murdasanu Claudia - Sophmore
Episode 10
Pic podcast 10
HPSS Advisement - Start the Semester Right 
Guest: Tim Jones - Associate Professor Exercise Physiology and Sport Science
                               Director of Student Advisement
Episode 9
Pic Podcast 9
A journey from athlete, coach, to professor & TSU Athletic Facility progress
Guest: William Johnson - Director of HPSS Graduate Programs
Episode 8
Pic Podcast 8
Strength and Conditioning coaching at TSU
Guests: Daren Mustin, Sport Performance Coach
Episode 7
Pic podcast 7
TigerFit Part #2: A student-run organization that builds up students' future
Guests: Ms. Jennifer Mayes-Brown, Instructor in Health and Wellness & Faculty Advisor
Episode 6
Pic podcast 6
TigerFit Part #1: Creation of Student-run Organisation
Guests: Ms. Agnes Boyd - Instructor of Physical Education
             Dr. Jason Smith  - Department Chair and Associate Professor 
Episode 5
Podcast pic 5
Health and Wellness during cold season
Guests: Dr. Poliala Dickson Associate Professor in Health Education and Health Promotion
Episode 4
Picture Podcast 4
TSU Women Basketball Coaching, Academic and Community Connection
Guests: Jaye Nayreau - TSU Women Basketball Assistant Coach
             Ty Evans - TSU Women Basketball Head Coach
Episode 3
Camerone Bigcam
Student-Athlete lifestyle:  Struggles & Advices 
Guest: Cameron Steward (Big Cam) - TSU D1 Football Player
Episode 2
Dr. Smith Pic 1  
HPSS Programs and Development 
Guest: Dr. Smith -  Department Chair & Associate Professor
Episode 1 
HPSS podcast 1
Welcome back to TSU HPSS Podcast!! Let's start with some introduction.

Podcasts 2021-2022:
S2: Episode 4 - Final Goodbyes!
May, 2022
S2: Episode 3 - Do You Listen to Music When You Workout?
April, 2022
S2: Episode 2 - HBCUs in March Madness & Imposter Syndrome
April, 2022
S2: Episode 1 - Should Sports and Politics Combine? Smart Gyms?
March, 2022
S1: Episode 2 - WNBA Support, Sports Gambling, and More!
December, 2021
S1: Episode 1- Kyrie Irving, Sleep, and More!
November, 2021
New Years Resolutions 
January, 2021
New Years