Political Science

Major & Minor Details


Why study Political Science at TSU?

The political science program at Tennessee State University offers these options:

The program provides students with a broad array of courses representing the different sub-fields of the discipline. These include international relations, comparative politics, American politics, political theory, and research methods. To achieve our mission, we embrace the “essential learning outcomes” for success in the 21st century, as outlined by the American Association of Colleges and Universities:

  1. Knowledge of Human Cultures and the Physical and Natural World
    This will be achieved by our students reading, writing, and discussing different political systems and societies from countries around the world, including the American Federal System.
  2. Intellectual and Practical Skills
    This will be achieved through our students conducting original research using various analytical approaches. In addition, critical thinking, communication skills, and cooperation will be emphasized throughout our curriculum.  Also through participation in the WRITE program, methods and political philosophy.
  3. Personal and Social Responsibility
    This will be achieved by encouraging our students to actively participate and to become leaders in departmental, campus and community groups.
  4. Integrative and Applied Learning
    This will be achieved by reading, writing, and discussing the “big” questions and applying them to our world. Our students will also be engaged in internships and career development that allow them to apply their knowledge in real world settings; Completion of Senior Seminar 4500 and through participation in the WRITE program.

How can a degree in Political science impact my future?

Studying political science encourages students to be responsible, engaged and informed citizens and leaders by developing the substantive knowledge and intellectual skills necessary to analyze, interpret, and participate in domestic and international affairs. Political Science majors and minors can enter a variety of fields including:

Students are encouraged to develop academic and leadership skills through participation through the State Legislative Internship Program, Tennessee Intercollegiate State Leadership Program, and Model United Nations program.

Program Overview

In order to look over the latest program of study for the BS in Political Science, please contact Dr. Kyle Murray, 615 963-1394,  kmurra10@tnstate.edu.


For advisement in Political Science, please contact Dr. Kyle Murray, 615 963-1394, kmurra10@tnstate.edu.

For information on The State Legislative Intern Program and Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature Program, please contact Dr. Brian Russell, 615 963-4930, brussell7@tnstate.edu.

For information on the Model United Nations program, please contact Dr. John Miglietta, 615 963-5515, jmiglietta@tnstate.edu.