Teacher Licensure

History or Government

Why become a history or government teacher?

Because teaching history is a fun profession with solid demand in the current job market. As a history teacher, you get to introduce students to the major issues of our day and help them become knowledgeable citizens. There is hardly a more influential occupation.

How can a degree in history with teacher licensure impact my future?

Generally speaking, our graduates go directly into the job market and become social studies teachers. There are other options as well, such as working for museums, nonprofit educational organizations, social welfare organizations, or the government.

Program Overview

We offer two degree paths: a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History-concentration in teacher licensure, and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in History-concentration in teacher licensure. Both require that you complete TSU’s General Education Requirements plus at least 39 hours of history courses. In addition, you will need to take a number of courses from the College of Education and student teach in both semesters of your senior year. The BA requires four semesters of non-English language (or proof of fluency up to that level). The BS requires a concentration in public history or another social science. Please follow the below links for the relevant course maps:

BA in History with History Teacher Certification (Grades 6-12)

BS in History with History Teacher Certification (Grades 6-12)

BS Political Science with Government Teacher Certification (Grades 6-12)


To discuss majoring in history with teacher licensure, please contact:

Dr. Andrew Patrick

Crouch 413D, 615-963-5742, apatric2@tnstate.edu