About the Graduate School

Welcome to the School of Graduate & Professional Studies

Hello, we are pleased that you have visited the website of the School of School of Graduate & Professional Studies at Tennessee State University. Whether you are a future student, current student, faculty, alumnus, or a visitor, we hope that you will find this site informative and valuable.

Tennessee State University is committed to students' overall development by promoting life-long learning, and scholarly inquiry. Our outstanding faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, flexible class schedules, accredited programs, convenient locations, affordable costs and many other advantages provide both traditional and non-traditional students with an excellent educational experience.

Our Programs

The School of Graduate & Professional Studies currently offers seven doctoral programs, twenty-four master's degrees, and seven graduate certificate programs which span the fields of  agriculture, criminal justice, business, and education to engineering, health sciences, public administration, and nursing.

Graduate education at Tennessee State University is designed to offer students the experience of advanced study and research in their fields of specialization.

For More Information

After you browse through this website, please feel free to contact us at 615-963-7371 or gradschool@tnstate.edu if you have any questions.



  • To maintain high standards of instruction in graduate education, continuing education, and in the curricula and fields of specialization through which degree programs are offered;
  • To foster the continuation of faculty and student involvement in research which advances knowledge in the areas concerned;
  • To continue expanding its role as a public servant and leader of the citizens of the State by disseminating knowledge and providing a broad variety of educational and technical services;
  • To provide advanced degree programs and services especially tailored to the need and convenience of graduate students of all ages, including working adults of the corporate and industrial communities in the mid-state area; and,
  • To provide an atmosphere that will enhance the emotional, educational, cultural, social, and recreational growth of the total University community.



The Dean of the School of Graduate & Professional Studies is the administrative officer for all graduate programs and is responsible to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The Graduate Council is the advisory body for the Graduate School. Its members are Graduate Faculty elected by the Graduate Faculty in departments or units offering graduate degrees, the Dean of the Libraries, and the Graduate Dean, who is the chairperson. The Appeals Committee of the Graduate Council reviews petitions and appeals submitted by students and faculty concerning admissions, retention and suspension of students.

The graduate coordinator for each department is the general adviser for students in the department. The graduate coordinator is responsible for evaluating the credentials under which the student is admitted to that program, designating, when necessary, the courses the student should take to remove deficiencies, rejecting applicants on the basis of unacceptable credentials, and notifying the Graduate School of departmental decisions.

When /Colleges/Schools instead of Departments offer degrees, e.g., the Master of Engineering degree in the College of Engineering and the Master of Business Administration degree in the College of Business, the Dean or Director appoints a coordinator to serve as general adviser for all students. While the Major Adviser supervises the student's program, it is the primary responsibility of the student to know and observe all pertinent regulations in order to meet all of the requirements for the degree sought.