Faculty Sick Bank


Who is eligible for the Faculty Sick Leave Bank?

All regular full-time employees of Tennessee State University (TSU) who hold faculty rank, whether serving in an academic or fiscal year appointment, and all regular part- time instructional staff shall be eligible to participate in the Faculty Sick Leave bank

How many days must I contribute?

Eligible faculty will be assessed the equivalent of three (3) sick days.

Where can I receive further information?

Information on the faculty sick leave bank can be obtained at Faculty Sick Bank or you can email your questions or a filled out scanned enrollment form to facultysickbank@tnstate.edu .

When can I sign up?

A faculty member may sign up during the initial enrollment period and afterwards during the annual benefits enrollment period every October.

Are contributions to the sick bank refundable or transferable?

No, contributions to the sick bank are not refundable and non-transferable should you leave TSU employment.

When can I apply for days from the Sick Bank?

Members of the Bank shall be eligible to make application to the Bank for sick leave only after having been a member of the Bank for thirty (30) calendar days. A participant shall not receive any sick leave from the Bank until after having exhausted all accumulated personal sick and annual leave.

How many days can I receive from the Sick Bank?

Leave grants from the Bank, approved by the Trustees, shall not be more than twenty

(20) consecutive days for which the individual applicant would have otherwise lost pay. The maximum number of days any participant may receive in any fiscal year is sixty (60). The maximum number of days any participant may receive as a result of any one illness, or recurring diagnosed illness or accident is ninety (90) total.

Which medical conditions are ineligible for requests from the Faculty Sick Leave Bank?

Participants are not eligible to receive leave from the sick bank for elective surgery, the illness or death of any member of the participant’s family, or during any period that the participant is receiving disability benefits from Social Security, a state-sponsored retirement plan, or the Board of Claims (workers’ compensation).

Can faculty donate additional days to the bank?

Yes, faculty can donate additional days on their enrollment form. Faculty leaving the university may elect to donate all or part of their accrued sick leave to the Faculty Sick Leave Bank.

Will there be any additional sick days assessed by the Faculty Sick Leave Bank?

Subsequent assessments will be made in order to maintain a minimum balance in the bank’s reserves. This minimum balance is set at sixty (60) days and is subject to modifications by the trustees. The amount of subsequent assessments will depend upon the balance in the bank’s reserves, the number of members and the projected need. However a maximum or three (3) days will be assessed for any one assessment. Notification will be provided at least 30 calendar days prior to the assessment.

About the Sick Bank 

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