Leading Tennessee State University for the 2023 ASCE Concrete Canoe Competition, was even more exciting and challenging than last years competition. Last years success grew the team and awareness within the College of Engineering. While focusing on engineering fundamentals and last years feedback, we were able to not only improve our design by building a lighter canoe, but we were also able to make some drastic improvements to our final report and presentation. Even though our calculations and design modifications pointed toward a lighter more durable canoe, the realized model was unable to pass a submersion test required to race. Despite being unable to race our canoe this year, we learned a number of lessons throughout this entire process. Good communication and a sense of togetherness drove many of our improvements this year. A few members of our team also participated in some of the other activities and competitions such as the soccer match and the Daniel Mead ethics paper competition. We worked very hard to make it to the competition this year. We would like to thank our advisor, Dr. Ranganathan Parthasarathy, as well as the College of Engineering Dean Dr. Lin Li , Dr. Catherine Armwood-Gordon, and to name a few. We also want to thank Dave Livingston for all the advise throughout the project. Thank you to all of the companies Nashville Ready Mix, Gresham Smith, Arcosa Aggregates, Tennessee Concrete Association, and Stalite who sponsored the project in addition to the volunteers who helped put the canoe together. Thank you Kenneth Boyd, BSCE for your donation and support! Thank you to the entire team for working extremely hard and dedicating so much of their time into this project!! I Believe that hard work, dedication, and determination will always lead you to success!

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