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The ID/Access cards listed below require an ID/ACCESS REQUEST FORM to be completed by an authorized Tennessee State University employee. Students and Faculty/Staff do not require a form if proximity access is not required. These forms should be used to request a new ID/Access card and/or proximity access to campus facilities, classrooms and labs as well as to renew an existing card or access level.

  • Students
  • Faculty/Staff
  • Temporary/Seasonal Employees (Maximum 6 months)
  • Contractors/Vendors (Maximum 1 year)

The completed form must be e-mailed to the ID/Access Center PRIOR TO sending the individual to the ID/Access Center for their card:


Once the request has been processed by the ID/Access Center, the requestor will be notified that the card is ready for issuance. At that time, the individual may come to the ID/Access Center to obtain their ID/Access card. The individual will be required to present one of the following current forms of government-issued photo identification in order to obtain their ID/Access Card:

Passport (USA or International)
Driver’s License (USA only)
State Issued (Non-driver) ID
US Military ID
INS ID (Green Card)


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ID Card Policy