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Where could a degree in Economics and Finance take me?

Deciding to study Economics and Finance is one of the finest career decisions that one can ever make. The department aspires to offer the very BEST training in Economics and Finance. Highly successful careers in Economics and Finance can be found in the government including:

  • the Federal Reserve Board,
  • investment banking,
  • financial consultancy houses/brokerage firms;
  • international development organizations such as the World Bank, IMF, and aid/research organizations,
  • real estate,
  • and all around local and state government departments.

This field is not for the faint at heart but, extremely exciting, and sufficiently rewarding.  

What does it take to obtain a degree in Economics and Finance?

As a department offering a Business degree with Economics and Finance major, it’s our responsibility to teach the students the essential principles regarding how consumers and producers react to various market conditions. Also, to understand how macro- and microeconomic environments adjust differently to factors and specific market trends and indicators. The general education and the College of Business requirements are contained in the  University Catalog .


We understand as a student you may have interests that take a more narrow focus deep into the Economics and Finance discipline. To complement a curriculum that provides a strong core structure we also offer concentrations in Economics and Finance listed below.

  • Economics
  • Finance
  • International Business

What makes your faculty and staff special?

When asked by our students, Economics and Finance professors were overwhelmingly favored by our business school students for their ability to make complex formulas relevant and engaging. Words used to describe our faculty are difficult, challenging, encouraging, supportive, and engaging. One hundred percent of our full time faculty hold doctorate degrees with an average classroom professor-to-learner ratio of 20-to-1. Our faculty are internationally recognized for their research and can be found providing economics and financial editorials for publications across the country or interviewed for commentary on economic conditions in local television channels and newspaper columns. The Managing Editor of the Journal of Developing Areas (JDA) is a faculty member of this department.


Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be globally recognized as one of the leading programs in business economics and finance.

Our Mission is to provide a high quality and academically rigorous program that helps prepare a diverse student body ready to meet the challenging needs of the market place of the day.