Student Testimonials

Hear what our students and graduates have to say about our program!

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trip2 "I loved how every professor has real life experience in the Criminal Justice field.  The Criminal Justice Department has shown me that they care about my education".

Tasha T, Spring '18 Tentative Graduate







"Being able to have communication with all of my professors. Communication is very important especially in college so being able to do it effectively made me extremely successful".

Kristian G., Spring '18 Tentative Graduate








trip "My professors cared for my well-being and future. Dr. Chaires, Attorney Smith and Dr. Kitchen inspired me to become a professor for my university".

Devonte J., Spring '18 Tentative Graduate











graduate "The Criminal Justice Department works with the students and wants to see us do well. When I took electives within the major, I knew that I needed to change my major because I enjoyed the classes and learned more engaging professors".

DeMarco, C., Spring '18 Tentative Graduate