Upward Bound

Empowering High School Students

The Upward Bound program is intentionally designed to empower high school students to take a proactive role in their education and excel far beyond their idealized potential.

Upward Bound prepares approximately sixty students (with at least two-thirds low-income and/or first generation college-bound students) in grades nine through twelve, for success through high school in order to enter and graduate from college with a Bachelor's degree. They reside in Metropolitan Nashville and are zoned for or attend the following high schools:

  • Glencliff High School
  • Maplewood Comprehensive High School
  • Pearl-Cohn High School
  • Stratford High School
  • Whites Creek High School

These schools were initially selected based on their free-reduced lunch program, high student drop-out rate, and poverty rate which contributes to their lower overall graduation rate and poor test performance.

Students are:

  • Instructed by teachers (with certification) in the core curriculum
  • Exposed to experiences that broaden their understanding of and appreciation for the fine arts

In the summer, they are provided an environment that promotes the development of values and attitudes conducive to productive citizenship and lifelong learning in addition to offering the experiences of community living (collegiate dorms) to promote an increased respect for people and property.

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