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Located in suite 304 of the Floyd-Payne Campus Center, the TSU Career Development Center assists students in pursuing their career goals by providing them with a myriad of opportunities and empowering them to successfully compete in the global environment. Our services include career advising on various employment related topics; professional development; corporate company engagement activities and experiential learning. These services are free to all students and alumni of the University. 

Our center hosts Tiger Track, an on-line job posting site, where students can review job postings for full-time, part-time and experiential learning (internships, cooperative education, etc.) positions, in addition to posting their resumes and creating electronic portfolios. Tiger Track is an outstanding resource that can be used by graduate students and alumni throughout their working lives. Additionally, we offer cooperative education, an academic support program that assists students in gaining practical work experience related to their academic major as an optional part of their academic program. Students are awarded three hours of academic credit for each successfully completed co-op work experience.

Chemistry Jobs: open the following link in a new window


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