College of Business Internships

Experience is Crucial

Why an Internship?

In today's dynamic global work environment and economy, experience becomes crucial. So, take advantage of opportunities as they become available.

Internship Program Overview

As theorists and practitioners, we continually analyze the work environment in order to help you make the right decisions for your future both immediate and distant future. We believe that practical work experience is one of the most significant ways to gain input into that decision making process.The purpose of any internship program is to help you apply the theoretical knowledge received in the classroom to the setting of the work environment. Further, internship experiences give you the opportunity to observe, first hand, many of the tools, principles, and practices learned in the classroom in a real world business, industry, or governmental setting.

Employer Internship Guide

Internship Course & Registration Process

Internship Application Form

Student Handbook

Obtaining an internship is a distinguished achievement. Experiences derived are extremely important as they undergird and enhance the theoretical knowledge received in the classroom with practical on-the-job experiences that will help to give students a competitive edge as they pursue career goals.

With the completion of the lower division foundation courses in business and the attainment of full or tentative admission to the College of Business, students have an opportunity to apply for an internship opportunity. Specifics are included in the Internship Policy and Procedures Manual.



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