Dr. Karina Kasztelnik


Department: Accounting
Assistant Professor
Financial Accounting, Digital Accounting and Audit Automation, Business Data Analytics Modeling, Artificial Intelligence Technology for Accountants, Accounting Information Systems

Office: Avon Williams Building K419
Phone: 615.963.7162
Email: kkasztel@tnstate.edu

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Publications and Awards

Karina Kasztelnik Ph.D. MBA. She holds a PhD Applied Management & Decision Science, with a specialization in Accounting. Dr. Kasztelnik's research focuses on bridge accounting, business management, and applying advanced business AI models. She has published over 70 peer-reviewed articles in premier and significant influence journals listed in Cabell's Classification Index. She completed the Post-Doctoral Study: Big Data Analytics at Harvard University. She has taught accounting and other business courses for more than ten years in three different modalities: online, hybrid, and on-campus, to which she has brought her over-thirty years of business experience as technical accounting advisor, director of a consulting practice, chief accountant, tax department head, comptroller, accounting manager, CEO, CFO, research director, data scientist, big data analytics director, and VP - commercial banks.  Her unusually broad background includes experience in many countries, including Poland, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, and the UK, with positions in public and private sectors as well as with governmental agencies. 

In 2015 Dr. Kasztelnik played a leadership role for the first historical innovative Excellence of Big Data Analytics project, to identify the risks and red flags associated with yet-undiscovered trends in federal tax audit compliance.  In addition, she supported the leadership of the U.S. Treasury research department with her modern data analytics business solutions for the understanding and interpretation of findings to be applied in revising international tax audit practices and finance and tax policies. Her work involved research, analysis, and modeling of diverse organizational data. Dr. Kasztelnik is the 2017 sole recipient of the prestigious Commissioner's Honorary Award Gold Medal from the U.S. Department of Treasury for all work done.  Dr. Kasztelnik is the 2021 recipient of the prestigious Research Excellent Award and World-Class Recognition. Dr. Kasztelnik is the 2017 recipient of the prestigious Harvard University project award in the Big Data Analytics. Dr. Kasztelnik is the 2022 nominated for Editor in Chief of the Journal E-Learning and Digital Media - SAGE Pub Ltd.

Dr. Kasztelnik develops and applies algorithms and models to key business metrics used to improve operations or resolve business problems in a variety of decision-making settings. She analyzes complex and unstructured data sets, using advanced statistical techniques including machine learning and distributed graph methods, to support data-driven decision-making. She is actively involved in the research, design, and development of data visualization and visual analytics for research and commercial applications for some of the world’s largest companies. Her solutions range from rich, interactive visualizations for mobile devices to large multi-touch, multi-screen installations and web-based analytical solutions for data-driven business applications and decisions. Dr. Kasztelnik’s network analytics techniques have facilitated the discovery of new business insights and opportunities. She has had numerous articles published in academic and professional journals.

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