Zinia Jaman

Class of 2014 | College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Sciences | Chemistry

student profile

Originally from Kotchandpur, Bangladesh, Zinia Jaman is pursuing her Master of Science in Chemistry at Tennessee State University. During her graduate studies in chemistry at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, she received an opportunity to work as graduate exchange student at the University of Hyogo in Japan for six months.

“My experience in Japan opened my eyes about the research activities at world-class universities,” Zinia said. “I decided to gather more experience in the laboratory as graduate student before applying to the Ph.D. program. I found out about the research opportunities at TSU because my goal was to pursue a higher degree in Chemistry in the United States. I also heard from one of my friends that the University is well known for multicultural people, which inspired me to come to TSU.”

Zinia recently received recognition as the Outstanding (Masters) Graduate Student from the College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Sciences. After Zinia graduates, she plans on attending Purdue University to obtain her Ph.D. She credits TSU with preparing her for her next educational step.

“I am very grateful to TSU because I believe that it would not be possible for me to attend the Ph.D. program at a university like Purdue without a master’s degree from TSU.”

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