Brian Allen

Class of 2014 | College of Liberal Arts | Commercial Music

Brian Allen

Brian Allen is a Commercial Music major from Nashville, Tenn. A musician for more than 10 years, he plays percussion and bass guitar as well as “dabbling” in beginner guitar.

Along with his studies, Brian has also found another passion…guitar building. He built his first bass guitar to see if he could do it with his basic woodworking knowledge by “playing around with it.”

He has since gone on to build a bass guitar to honor his native state of Tennessee and “create something no one else has ever built.” Building it from the native hardwoods from the state, Brian built it for his senior project, garnering praise from the Department Head, Dr. Robert Elliot and the coordinator of the commercial music program, Dr. Mark Crawford. “TSU has given me the skills and opportunity to build what I only imagined on paper,” said Brian. “The support from all my professors along the way was incredible.”

But even more than building guitars, he is also looking forward to graduation this spring so he can start his career, either playing music or building guitars, or attending Luthier school for guitar building. “My ultimate goal is to hopefully get on with a company such as Gibson, and learn guitar building from the ground up,” Allen said. “Then I’ll take what I’ve learned not only at TSU but whatever company I work at and turn that into possibly a custom-guitar building business or repair shop.”



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