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Effective February 1, 2016 the State of Tennessee Treasury Department requires all newly hired employees to make a retirement election on his/her FIRST DAY OF EMPLOYMENT (please review TCRS vs. ORP comparison ).  Employees who do not make a binding retirement decision on the first day of employment will be automatically enrolled into the Tennessee Consolidate Retirement System (TCRS) .

  1. Your health care coverage will begin on the 1st of the month following 30 days of employment.
  2. You have 31 days from your date of hire (which may be different from the date in which you signed your contract) to enroll in benefits.
  3. Required:  Click here to electronically sign the Employee Acknowledgement

 * Benefits Enrollment Instructions   *

  1. You must complete the forms on the next page Accepting or Declining health care coverage.
  2. The Enrollment & Eligibility Guide explains all of the health care benefits available to you.
  3. Information on which family members may be covered may be found on pages 2-3
  4. Description of benefits and premiums (costs) may be found on pages 11-23
  5. Please note the ALEX feature is no longer available
  6. Life insurance options may be found on pages 25-26
  7. Click here to see the vendor's websites  
  8. Go to the NEXT PAGE to begin completing the forms.  You must Accept or Decline coverage.  You must print the forms so they may be signed

Please complete the forms on the following page and scan/email them to or fax to 615-963-5027 Attn: Pam Trent, Benefits Manager



Please contact Pam Trent, 615-743-7433 or, if you have questions 




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