Rodney Stanley, Ph.D., Department Chair and Professor, Department of Public Administration

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Mailing Address

Tennessee State University
Dept. of Public Administration
330 10th Avenue N Box 140
Nashville TN  37203-3401


PhD in Public Administration, Mississippi State University
MPA, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
BS, Political Science, Tennessee Temple University
615-963-7249 phone
615-963-7245 fax
office - TSU Avon Williams Campus, 4th Flr., Suite F

Courses Frequently Taught

  • PADM 6110 Statistics for Public Administrators (MPA)
  • PADM 6270 Seminar in Administrative Leadership (MPA)
  • PADM 6310 Seminar in Organization Theory (MPA)
  • PADM 6410 Seminar in Public Policy Analysis (MPA)
  • PADM 6470 Tennessee State Government (MPA)
  • PADM 7130 Research Methods in Public Administration (PhD)
  • PADM 7140 Applied Quantitative Techniques in Public Administration (PhD)

Bio | curriculum vitae

Dr. Stanley's dissertation dealt with an impact assessment of the effect of casino gaming on financing education in Mississippi. His latest publications appear in Public Administration Quarterly and Public Budgeting, Financial Management and Accounting. Dr. Stanley teaches organization theory, public policy, budgeting and the seminar in public administration.

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