Focus Groups

Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Faculty are organized into Focus Groups to stimulate mutual intellectual curiosity, peer support, research coordination and coordination of academic subject matter and course content. 





Soil, plant, water and nutrient relationship
Water conservation/irrigation
Natural resources and environmental management/ecology
Climate change
Biological consequences of climate change
Understanding the sequences and duration of weather events and the response of relevant biota
Remote sensing and GIS
Soil, water and air quality
Landscape and landscape architecture
Pesticide and nutrient management in crop production systems
Wildlife management systems
Environmental fate and remediation of contaminants
Plant protection including IPM in nursery systems
Plant product quality
Plant physiology/Ornamental horticulture
Organic farming
Production of nutraceuticals/pharmaceuticals
New/improved technologies that produce biofuels from agricultural materials
Investigating the potential of feed‐stocks from raw materials for energy production
Production of biofuels, bioenergy and bio‐based products from biomass sources
Pesticide and nutrient management in crop production systems
Forest and land sustainability (urban forestry)
Forest and land sustainability (agroforestry)
Forest resources management of more economic resource utilization and environmental protection

Dr. Jason de Koff, Leader
Dr. Karla Addesso
Dr. Clement Akumu
Dr. Kaushalya Amarasekare

Dr. Reginald Archer
Dr. Fulya Baysal‐Gurel
Dr. Fitzroy Bullock
Dr. Arvazena Clardy
Dr. Samuel Dennis
Dr. Emanuel Dzantor
Dr. Solomon Haile
Prof. William Hayslett
Dr. Jianwei Li
Dr. Margaret Mmbaga
Dr. Dilip Nandwani
Dr. Jason Oliver
Dr. Darmalingham Pitchay
Dr. Bharat Pokharel
Dr. Sudipta Rakshit
Dr. Roger Sauve
Dr. George Smith
Dr. William Sutton
Dr. Ali Taheri
Dr. Anthony Witcher
Dr. De’Etra Young



Economics of agricultural production and farm management
Business management, finance and taxation
Market economics
Marketing and distribution practices
Natural resources and environmental economics
International trade and development
Food economics and policy
Consumer economics
Community resource planning and development
Domestic policy analysis
Foreign policy and programs
School‐based agricultural education
Leadership development
Extension education
Agricultural communication

Dr. Prabodh Illukpitiya, Leader
Dr. Thomas Broyles
Prof. Sammy Commer
Dr. Enefiok Ekanem
Dr. Sky Georges

Dr. Aditya Khanal
Dr. Latif Lighari
Dr. Kar Ho Lim
Dr. John Ricketts
Dr. Fisseha Tegegne



Reproductive performance
Efficiency of nutrient utilization
Genetic improvement and breeding
Environmental stress in animals
Animal management systems
Improved animal products
Animal diseases/immunology
External/internal parasites/pests of animals
Hazards affecting animals
Product development
Food processing and engineering
Maintenance of nutritional quality of food products during processing, storage and marketing
Bioactive food components: nutrient bio‐availability and metabolism
Enhancement of nutrient bioavailability –protection & targeted delivery
Ensure food products free of harmful components
Protect food from contamination by pathogenic microorganisms, viruses, and naturally occurring toxins
Develop/evaluate tools or procedures for detection and monitoring foodborne hazards
Requirements and function of nutrients and other food components

Dr. Fur‐Chi Chen, Leader
Dr. Carollyn Boykins‐Winrow
Dr. Richard Browning
Dr. Alyar Fouladkhah
Dr. Agnes Kilonzo‐Nthenge
Dr. Makonnen Lema
Dr. Samuel Nahashon (Secondary)
Dr. Ankit Patras
Dr. Ramasamy Ravi
Dr. Yongming Sang
Dr. Hongwei Si
Dr. Ying Wu



Animal genome, transcriptome and proteome
Plant genome, transcriptome and proteome
Mechanisms of host/environment/gene interaction
Molecular breeding of plants and animals
Molecular markers of genetic improvement
Genetics/genomics and basic plant science
Microbial biotechnology/Food safety

Dr. Suping Zhou, Leader
Dr. Ahmad Aziz
Dr. Fulya Baysal‐Gurel
Dr. Mathew Blair
Dr. Charles K. Dumenyo
Dr. Samuel Nahashon
Dr. Christine Ondzighi‐Assoume
Dr. Yongming Sang
Dr. Ali Taheri