WRITE Studio & Training Center


220 Jackson Hall - Industrial Arts Bldg


The WRITE Studio is a facility designed to provide students with access to support and services to enhance their writing as they prepare to become active participants in their fields. Through the creation of a genuinely interdisciplinary and interdepartmental WRITE Studio, WRITE recognizes the importance of a prominent, accessible, and attractive facility on campus providing a dedicated physical location for WRITE tutoring, workshops, and other activities.

The arrangement of the space facilitates interpersonal interaction and maximizes flexibility for a variety of WRITE activities including workshops. The WRITE Studio reinforces the program's philosophy of writing as a craft and discipline.  The facility itself conveys this vision of writing, above all, as the appropriate concern of good students and good writers desiring to achieve excellence.

211 Jackson Hall - Industrial Arts Bldg

The WRITE Training Room is a space designed for and committed to providing faculty development for all aspects of WRITE. Much like the WRITE Studio, this room is technologically enhanced with a smart board, projector, and laptops for faculty members to work and collaborate on writing pedagogy, use of rubrics, assessment, and other issues associated with the WRITE Program.

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