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The WRITE Advisory Committee supports the WRITE Director in the administration and oversight of the program.

The Committee consists of two bodies:  The WRITE Program Advisory Committee and the WRITE Resource Committee. The two bodies will meet as a single committee at least once per year.

The WRITE Program Advisory Committee consists of professionals with vested interests in and knowledge of the importance of written communication in the 21st century. Committee members from the participating academic programs, the alumni, the public schools, and the community will bring their unique perspectives on writing in the academic disciplines, the vocational fields, and current job market. The Committee members will make recommendations to the Director regarding program content and direction based on their areas of expertise.  This Committee will meet no more than once per month and usually only every other month as needed.

The WRITE Program is Tennessee State University’s Writing in the Disciplines initiative designed to promote and reinforce writing skills systematically throughout a student’s matriculation. Using carefully sequenced classes beginning in the general education and continuing into the upper-division courses of participating major programs, WRITE promotes transference of writing skills.

WRITE Program Advisory Committee:

  • Amy Sibulkin, Psychology Program Representative
  • Barbara Kilbourne, Sociology Program Representative
  • Cheryl Seay, Director of Distance Education and Multimedia Services
  • Deborah Fisher, Community Representative
  • Elizabeth Dachowski, History Program Representative
  • Helen Houston, English Program Representative
  • Joel Dark, Sophomore History Representative
  • Jyotsna Paruchuri, Political Science Representative
  • Karon Uzzell-Baggett, Interim Director of Career Center
  • Lori B. Fleming, Alumna
  • Mahgoub Mahmoud, Sociology Program Representative
  • Mary Shelton, Psychology Program Representative
  • Michael Wright, Social Work Program Representative.
  • Rosalyn Pitt, Human Performance & Sports Sciences Program Representative
  • Satinderpaul Devgan, Electrical Engineering Program Representative
  • Wendy Hennequin, Coordinator of First-Year Writing

We will also add student representatives from the participating programs beginning fall 2011.

WRITE Resource Committee: Pamela Burch-Sims, Director of Institutional Research; Johanna Grimes, Director of the Writing Center; Dorothy Mayes, Director of Banner Services and Functional Support; Cheryl H. Seay, Ph.D., Director, Distance Education and Multimedia Services; and Yancey Padget, Director of Testing.

We will request a representative from public relations, as well.

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