46th Annual University-Wide Research Symposium 

2024 Guidelines for Abstract Submissions and Online Abstract Submission System

This year the Research Symposium will be an in-person event. It is critical that any information supplied during abstract submittal and participant registration be correct, especially advisor and participant e-mail addresses.  Both students and advisors, please take time to communicate correct information.





Abstracts for student participant research must be submitted by use of the online Abstract Submission Form by January 31, 2024.  Please do not ask for exceptions.  This year students , both graduate and undergraduate, will be permitted to submit abstracts for the 2024 TSU Research Symposium.  Please pay attention to the following requirements:

  • All Student Authors involved in the research project should be listed when completing the form, even those who are not presenting and those who have graduated
  • Any student who is listed as a presenter must have participated in conducting the research.
  • The same title cannot be presented twice.  If two students worked on research under the same advisor, they can both present independently, but the research presented should be unique.
  • If an abstract is submitted more than once, the latest version will be accepted as the valid submission unless disputed by the Research Advisor.
  • A graduate student cannot present in any presentation classified as undergraduate reseaerch.
  • Primary Research Advisors must approve the presentation of any research coming from their lab.


Glossary Terms in Abstract Submission Process

1.  Primary Research Advisor:  the advisor (faculty or professional staff) responsible for leading and training a student in the conduct of research for this particular abstract submission.  This person must be employed by TSU as either staff or faculty

 2.  Research Co-advisor:  any other advisor (faculty or professional staff) responsible for assisting in leading and training a student in the conduct of research for this particular abstract submission.  This may include staff, faculty, or other off-campus contributors.  

 3.  Student Author:  a student who has been named as the writer of or on the research work (submitted as an abstract for presentation).

 4.  Student Presenter:  a student who has been named to present at the Symposium.  This student must be a Student Author.  Additionally, this student must be present, and will stand and deliver the oral presentation or the poster presentation, in full or in part.  There may be more than one Student Presenter. All Student Presenters must be designated during the Abstract Submission process.


The Student Abstract Submission Form, Submission Process, and Abstract Review

The abstract must be uploaded with the online Abstract Submission Form. The abstract text should not exceed 350 words, excluding title, headers, and contributors. The abstract can include the following information – Introductory Statement, Purpose, Methodological Approach, Findings, Contribution to Discipline, and Professional Writing .

The process for submitting an abstract is single-submission, that is, only one abstract is to be submitted for presentation.  Double-submission of an abstract is not acceptable.  Double-submission refers to submitting an abstract for an oral presentation and then submitting the same abstract [in  author (s), title, and content] for a poster presentation.  A student may have as many as two abstracts submitted for presentation: one for Oral Presentation and one for Poster Presentation.

At the end of the collection period for abstract submission, all abstracts will be reviewed for content and classification.  Upon completion of the review of all abstracts, notification and scoring will be sent to the the Primary Advisor.  Notification of the presentation schedule will commence once all presentations have been scheduled.



Faculty Abstract Submission details and instructions are forthcoming.  Please check University Commiunications and this page for upcoming announcements.


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