Master of Nursing (MSN)

student on campus1. Do I take the GRE or MAT examination?

No it is not required

2. How many students are accepted each year?

30 - 50 each semester

3. Can I work full time?

Yes, you may work full time in the first year of the program. In the second year when you begin the practicum experiences you will have to alter your work schedule in order to meet your practicum hours.

4. Is there financial help available?

After you have been accepted into the Graduate Nursing Program you may inquire about Graduate Assistantships and Traineeships. The Tennessee Primary Care Fellowships are available when students are enrolled in their 2nd year practicum courses.

5. Do I have to recruit my own preceptors?

In the Family Nurse Practitioner Program all preceptors must be approved by the faculty. In the Holistic Nurse Program preceptors may be chosen in consultation with the students.