North Nashville Voices

Desegregation of Public Schools

A resident discusses Nashville's efforts to integrate Public schools during the 1960s

NASHVILLE I-40 STEERING COMMITTEE, etc., et al., Plaintiffs-Appellants v. Buford


The account of the legal battle to prevent the construction of Interstate 40 trough North Nashville.

Tennessee State and North Nashville-1968

Document: Nashville Riots

A general and legal discussion of North Nashville, TSU, and conditions in the community the aftermath of the MLK assassination

A Drive Around North Nashville

A long-time resident of North Nashville discusses what life was like in the community between 1930-1970, focusing on its residents, significant sites, and social life in the community.

Document:  Hadley Park

Opened in 1912, as the first park in America dedicated to exclusive use by African Americans, Hadley Park became representative of the doctrine of "Separate but Equal" in American society in many unintended ways.  In this article, the editors of the Nashville Globe share their opinion of the maintenance of the newly created recreational space.