MATH 1710 Precalculus Algebra Syllabus

Course Description, Textbook, Topics

Course Description:
This is a 3-credit hour course.  Topics include functions, graphs, equations, inequalities, polynomials, exponents, radicals, and rational, logarithmic and exponential functions.

Required Textbook:
Precalculus: Mathematics for Calculus by Stewart, Redlin, Watson, 7th edition

Chapter 1: Fundamentals

Section 1.5: Equations
Section 1.6: Complex Numbers
Section 1.7: Modeling with Equations
Section 1.8: Inequalities
Section 1.9: The Coordinate Plane; Graphs of Equations; Circles
Section 1.10: Lines
Section 1.12: Modeling Variation

Chapter 2: Functions

Section 2.1: Functions
Section 2.2: Graphs of Functions
Section 2.3: Getting Information from the Graph of a Function
Section 2.4: Average Rate of Change of a Function
Section 2.5: Linear Functions and Models
Section 2.6: Transformations of Functions
Section 2.7 Combining Functions
Section 2.8: One-to-one Functions and Their Inverses

Chapter 3: Polynomial and Rational Functions

Section 3.1: Quadratic Functions and Models
Section 3.2: Polynomial Functions and Their Graphs
Section 3.3: Dividing Polynomials
Section 3.4: Real Zeros of Polynomials
Section 3.5: Complex Zeros and the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
Section 3.6: Rational Functions

Chapter 4: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Section 4.1: Exponential Functions
Section 4.2: The Natural Exponential Function
Section 4.3: Logarithmic Functions
Section 4.4: Laws of Logarithms
Section 4.5: Exponential and Logarithmic Equations