Kiera Vargas

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Department of Languages, Literature and Philosophy

BS in Journalism and Mass Communication and MS in English Education from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.  She holds a Juris Doctorate from Charlotte School of Law.  She also holds a MLIS from Drexel University.    



Kiera Vargas is an educator, lawyer, and mentor who realizes that one of the key components in life is to love.  This same key component is needed to educate our children. Within this profession, we as educators, parents,  and stakeholders must realize that this is one of the secrets to improving so many things in education.   With my diverse educational background, practical experiences, and most importantly love for our students, I have experiences, stories, and tools to assist with the plight of our educational system.

Kiera has taught grades from K-12- college seniors.  She has taught in North Carolina, she was the 2019 Teacher of the Year for Madison Florida, and she recently taught for a Department of Defense Education Activity School.  Currently she also conducts professional development for a novel company ( that she created centering on exposing students and assisting educators from less diverse backgrounds with understanding the importance climate and culture in the school house.  

This is her 15th year in education.  She has one son; Anthony Davis.