Shannon HayesDr. Shannon Hayes

Assistant Professor
Department of Languages, Literature, and Philosophy

218 Humanities
(615) 963-5377

Spring 2024 Office Hours (virtual)
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:50am-2:20pm and by appt. 

PhD, University of Oregon, Eugene
MA, State University of New York, Stony Brook
BA, University of California, Santa Cruz

Dr. Shannon Hayes is Assistant Professor of Philosophy and affiliated faculty of the Women and Gender Studies program. Her main research interests are in 20th century continental philosophy (especially phenomenology and Frankfurt School critical theory), critical phenomenology, and aesthetics. She also has research and teaching interests in feminist philosophy, psychoanalysis, and decolonial theory. She is an editor of the open-access, peer-reviewed journal, Puncta: Journal of Critical Phenomenology


  • Hayes, S. (2023). Pain is an event: A review of Turning emotions inside out: Affective life beyond the subject by Edward S. Casey (Northwestern University Press, 2021). Research in phenomenology, 53(1), 105-113.
  • Hayes, S. (2022). Toward a phenomenology of “the other world”: This world as it is for no one in particular. Research in phenomenology, 52(3), 352-374.
  • Hayes, S. (2022). A response to “Quotidian apocalypse: Tosaka Jun’s critical theory in a new age of crisis.” Southwestern philosophy review, 38(2), 51-53.
  • Hayes, S. (2021). A Phenomenology of the other world: A review of Unconsciousness between   phenomenology and psychoanalysis, edited by Dorothée Legrand and Dylan Trigg (Springer, 2017). Metalepsis: Journal for the American Board of Psychology and Psychoanalysis, 1(1), 161-172.
  • Hayes, S. (2020). Can melancholy be heroic? Walter Benjamin and the vicissitudes of melancholy. In J. Ros-Velasco (Ed.), The faces of depression in literature (pp. 87-102). Peter Lang.
  • Hayes, S. (2019). Merleau-Ponty’s melancholy: Phantom limbs and the work of involuntary memory. Epoché: Journal for the history of philosophy, 24(1), 201-219.
  • Hayes, S. (2018). On the historico-poetic materialism of Benjamin and Celan, Critical horizons: Journal of philosophy and social theory, 19(2), 125-139.
  • Ferrari, M., Fitzpatrick, D., Hayes, S., McLay, S., Rathe, K., and Zimmer, A. (2018). Editor’s introduction: Reflections on the first issue. Puncta: Journal of critical phenomenology 1(1), 1-7.

Recent Professional Presentations 

  • Hayes, S. (2024, upcoming). Text seminar leader for Philosophy and Poetry: Derrida, Celan and the poetics of singularity at Collegium Phaenomenologicum. Citta di Castello, Italy.
  • Hayes, S. (2024, upcoming). The opacity of melancholy: Deferred time and the poetics of loss. Seminar on melancholia. American comparative literature association’s annual meeting. Montréal, Canada.
  • Hayes, S. (2024, upcoming). Am I playful or not? Lugones and the decolonial feminist imaginary. PhiloSOPHIA feminist society conference. Calgary, Canada.
  • Hayes, S., (2023, Nov). Perceiving multiplicity, remembering difference: Reflections on Lugones’s loving playfulness. Society for women in philosophy—Ireland. Maynooth, Ireland.
  • Hayes, S. (2023, Oct). Response to Merleau-Ponty and the ecological generation of meaning by M. Williams-Wyant. Tennessee Philosophical Association. Nashville, TN,
  • Hayes, S., (2023, Apr). On playfulness and the imaginary in Lugones’s decolonial feminism. Society for the philosophy of creativity. American Philosophical Association’s Pacific division meeting. San Francisco, CA.
  • Hayes, S. (2022, Oct). Response to Quotidian Apocalypse by E. Bodde. Southwestern Philosophical Society. Virtual.
  • Hayes, S. (2022, Apr.). Merleau-Ponty and Proust: A phenomenology of the other world. Western phenomenology society. American Philosophical Association’s Pacific division meeting. Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  • Hayes, S. (2022, Apr). The idiorrhythmics of living-alone-together. Society for the philosophy of creativity. American Philosophical Association’s Pacific division meeting. Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  • Hayes, S. (2021, Oct and Nov). Guest speaker: Édouard Glissant’s Poetics of Relation. Decolonial Study Group. Texas A&M University. Virtual.
  • Hayes, S. (2021. Apr). The poetics of loss and relation in Barthes and Glissant.” American Philosophical Association’s Pacific division meeting. Virtual.
  • Hayes, S. (2020, Sept) Melancholy and poetic thought. Philosophies of Liberation Encounters II. Bowie State University. Virtual.
  • Hayes, S. (2020, Feb). Being-alone-together: On the idiorrhythmics of grief and desire. Southeast association for the continental tradition. Saint Leo University, Tampa, Fl.

Courses Taught at TSU

  • PHIL 1030: Introduction to philosophy
  • PHIL 2500: Logic and critical reasoning
  • PHIL 2600: Philosophy of love and sex
  • WMST 2000: Introduction to women's studies

Previously Taught Courses 

  • Phenomenological and hermeneutic traditions, Pacifica Graduate Institute
  • Philosophy of love and sex, University of Oregon
  • Critical reasoning, University of Oregon
  • 19th century philosophy, University of Oregon
  • Philosophy and literature, University of Oregon
  • Philosophy of human nature, University of Oregon
  • Philosophy and popular culture, University of Oregon
  • Existentialism, University of Oregon

Current Academic Service

  • Puncta: Journal of critical phenomenology, co-editor
  • Faculty senate grievances committee, TSU, College of Liberal Arts representative
  • Web editor for Dept. of Languages, Literature, and Philosophy, TSU
  • Professional development and publicity committee, LLP Dept., TSU, member
  • Curriculum committee, LLP Dept., TSU, member
  • Career preparedness committee, LLP Dept., TSU, member