Phillip Grayson

Phillip Grayson

Assistant Professor 
Department of Languages, Literature and Philosophy


PhD in English-St John's University
MA in English Literature and Language-University of Tulsa
BA in English-University of South Carolina-Aiken

145 Humanities


Phillip D Grayson is an Assistant Professor of English at Tennessee State University and the World Literature Editor of the Watchung Review. In works touching on everything from medieval theology to film theory, Grayson has explored the nature of our relationships with fictional beings, and the ways that these relationships shape our lives. In addition to his first book, The Creation of Reality, his work on American literature has appeared in the journals Transatlantica, Modern Horizons, and the Humanities Review, and in the edited collection: Edgar Allen Poe and Psychology.

Selected Academic and/or Popular Press Publications


The Creation of Reality: Consciousness in Contemporary
Literature. MacBain and Boyd. 2019


“Meteoric Fiction: The Inhuman Author and the End of the
World,” Anthropocene Responsibility. Ed Chase Pielak and Deborah Christie.

“A Hideous Veil” Edgar Allen Poe and Psychology. Ed. Gerry Del
Guercio. McFarland Books.


“On the Dead and Dying: Line Breaks in “[Buffalo Bill ‘s /
defunct].” Transatlantica. (forthcoming)
“At the Edge of Evening, Often Forever: Extramission,
Consciousness, Literature.” Modern Horizons 7.1. 2016
“No True Substitute for the Infinite: Indefinite Space and Infinite
Time in Alfred Jarry’s The Supermale.” Humanities Review. 12.1. 2015


“A Westward Carousel.” Unsaid. 7.1. August 2014.

“This One Has Jaguars in It,” “The Abortionists,” and “With a
Monstrous Architecture.” etcetera. April 2010.

Select Conferences

“On the Dead and Defunct: ee cummings’ line breaks.” ACCUTE.
University of British Columbia. June 2019

“The Ethics of Fiction.” Truth Fiction Illusion. Association for
Philosophy and Literature. Alpen-Adria-Universität
Klagenfurt. May 2019.

“You Never Did the Kenosha j/k.” PLAY. Texas Tech University.
April 2019.

“Repetition without Learning: Time in the American West.”
Timepieces. University of Toronto. March 2019

“The Unconditionally Singular Covenants of Bleeding Edge.”
ASAP: Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present. University of California, Berkeley. October 2017

"The Summer of 1920: Indefinite Space, Indefinite Time, and the
Not-Too-Distant Future.” Untold Futures: Speculation, Redemption, Disappointment. University of Chicago. November 2016.

“At the Edge of Evening, Often Forever.” The Humanities, the
Neurosciences, the Mind. University of California-Santa Barbara. May 2016.

“Notes Toward a Speculative Poetics of Whether or Not
Lazerbeams Shoot Out of Our Eyes.” One-day Conference. St John’s University. April 2016.

“Turn Me Back into My Former Self: The Transformations of St
Christopher.” Order and Disorder in the Middle Ages. Cornell University. November 2015.

“Proximate Points on a Spiral: Exoticism and Ethernity in Alfred
Jarry’s Le Surmâle.” (Re)presentation: Problematicizing Authenticity. St John’s University. April 2015.

“What it is is: Bleeding Edge.” Conference: Consciousness,
Theater, Literature, and the Arts. St Francis College. April 2015.

“The Reptile and Sensual: ‘Natural’ Networks in Upstream Color.”
Working through Environmental Unlikeness: Ecology and Nature in the Humanities. St John’s University. April 2014.

Classes Taught at TSU

American Literature I-II
World Literature II
Critical Approaches to Literature
Freshman English I-II

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Co-Sponsor: Alpha Alpha Eta Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta
Sophomore Literature Coordinator