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Bachelor of Arts in History
Bachelor of Science in Political Science
Teaching Licensure Programs
Pre-Law Studies

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Bachelor of Arts in History 

The study of the past at TSU espouses a mission that is distinctive to Historically Black Colleges and Universities. That mission has been to encourage every student who enters the university to understand that obstacles on the path to success are to be overcome. Grounded in this tradition, the History curriculum at TSU provides classes, speakers, and research opportunities that encourage students to explore groups whose struggles and celebrations center upon the issues of race, class, gender, and sexual orientation on local, national, and global levels.

Degree Requirements:

  • accumulation of 120-credit hours and minimum 2.00 GPA, including...
  • world history, geography, a foreign language, and
  • 27 upper-level hours in history

Bachelor of Science in Political Science

The Political Science program at TSU is designed to familiarize students with both American and international politics while training them in the skills of political science as an intellectual discipline. The program’s upper-level curriculum encourages a broad exposure to the discipline while also allowing students to specialize in areas such as international relations, public policy, and the American legal system.

Degree Requirements:

  • accumulation of 120-credit hours and minimum 2.00 GPA, including...
  • 4 introductory political science courses, and
  • 27 upper-level hours in political science

Teacher Licensure Programs

The teacher licensure programs in the department are approved by the Tennessee Department of Education. The University's teacher education program is accredited by the National Council on the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

Degree Requirements:

  • completion of the University's general education requirements (41 credit hours),
  • the requirements for a particular major, including
  • admission to the Teacher Education Program, and
  • a series of professional education courses culminating in a student teaching internship

Pre-Law Studies

Although any major is acceptable for law school, Political Science and History are the most popular majors of all students entering law school. In addition to Political Science and History courses, upper-level courses in English, Philosophy, and Business are highly recommended. Students interested in law-specific courses should consider the following Political Science courses:

  • POLI 4210, Judicial Process
  • POLI 4300, Introduction to American Law
  • POLI 4310, Constitutional Law-Separation of Powers
  • POLI 4320, Constitutional Law-Bill of Rights
  • POLI 4340, Legal Research and Writing
  • POLI 4350, International Law

TSU's pre-law advisor can be reached at or follow us on twitter.

NOTE: The undergraduate catalog of Tennessee State University is the official statement of requirements for its undergraduate degree programs and supersedes the general information presented on this page.