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There are two options available to students interested in the Health Information Management program.  Option 1 is for freshmen and transfer students.  Option 2 is for students who have completed an associate degree in Health Information Technology. 

Requirements for Freshmen Students
High School graduation with a minimum overall combined grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale or G.E.D scores of 50 or above for the five subjects tested.
A minimum composite test score of 19 on the ACT. (This may change according to University entrance requirements.)
First-time freshmen are required to have successfully completed any remedial or developmental courses before consideration for unconditional admission into the HIM program.

Requirements for Transfer Students
Applications will be accepted from students transferring from other colleges, universities or other departments at Tennessee State University. Transfers, students changing their major to HIM, and continuing students are required to have successfully completed any remedial or developmental courses before consideration for unconditional admission into the program.

Applicants must have a minimum overall combined  grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. Students transferring from other departments within Tennessee State University are required to complete a change-of-major form.

Advanced Standing
Students who already have a degree in health related and any other fields may be admitted to the program if they meet admission criteria. Individuals who have an associate degree in medical record/health information technology and who are interested in receiving a baccalaureate degree in Health Information Management must have completed a minimum of 60 semester credit hours including directed professional practice.

These individuals are required to complete general education requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree, as well as management, sciences, other prerequisite courses for the program and all the 3000-4000 level courses as indicated in the curriculum.

Submission of application to the program is due by June 30 for Fall semester and December 1 for Spring semester. Two letters of recommendation from persons (non-family member) who know the applicant. A personal interview conducted by Admission and Retention Committee or its designee.

Applicants will be informed of the final decisions regarding acceptance into the program. Students are responsible for transportation expenses and other costs relating to professional practice experience and field trips.

Students are responsible for physical examination, malpractice insurance, criminal background check and drug test prior to professional practice rotations. Students are responsible for maintaining acceptance of professional practice rotation in and out of state health care facilities.

Students are required to complete these courses: ENGL 1010 & 1020 with minimum grades of C; three hours of college mathematics; HIST 2010 and 2020 or 3410; at least eight hours of natural science ; and nine hours in Humanities and/or Fine Arts, including three hours of English Literature prior to their junior year.

Criminal Background Check
A criminal background check and drug test may be required at some affiliated clinical sites for training. Based on the results of the check an affiliated clinical site may determine to not allow your presence at their facility. This could result in your inability to successfully complete the requirements of this program. Additionally, a criminal background may prelude licensure or employment.

Retention Policy
The Health Information Management program retention policy requires the following:  Students must maintain a minimum overall combined grade point average of 2.0. Students must earn C or better in all major courses, supporting Science, Business, Health Care Administration, English, and Mathematics courses. Failure to maintain in any of these courses will result in repeating the course the next semester the course is offered with approval of the advisor.

Minor in Business
Students who have completed these courses (ACT 2010, ECON 2010, MGMT 3010, MGMT 4030, BISI 2150 and BISI 3230) in HIM curriculum and are interested in getting minor in general business may contact the College of Business for detailed information.


Curriculum of HIM Program

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