Non-Degree Status Change


Applicants must meet general admissions requirements of the Graduate School, and must have met all prerequisites for the courses in which they seek enrollment. Non-degree admission to the Graduate School is granted to those who wish to enroll in courses but do not intend to qualify for a degree. The non-degree admission category includes those entering Graduate School for these purposes:

  1. to complete certification requirements, students should consult with the certification officer in the College of Education;
  2. to earn thirty plus (30+) hours beyond the Master’s degree;
  3. to enrich their professional development;
  4. to take courses pending admission to a degree program (9 hour maximum)

Credits earned in the non-degree category are not ordinarily requirements for degrees. If subsequently, a student classified as non-degree is accepted into a degree program, the student may by petition, if approved, carry forward not more than nine (9) semester hours of credit previously earned as a non-degree student in graduate-level courses, provided that the grade in each course is not less than 3.0.

Departments may restrict non-degree students to designated courses only. Non-degree students must have the approval of the department head (or designee) to enroll in a class.


The Dean of Graduate Studies and Research is the Advisor for all non-degree students. These students are those who have checked “NON-DEGREE” on the Application for Admission. They may also be classified as students earning thirty hours or more beyond the master’s, students qualifying for certification, students earning credit to transfer to another university (transient students), or students pending acceptance into a degree program.

If any of these students desire to change their status to degree seeking, they must complete a “Change of Program or Personnel” form or Apply online, submit all required documents such as test scores, and subsequently be recommended for admission to the graduate degree program by the Graduate Faculty in that unit, in accordance with individual departmental program requirements.

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