Membership Categories and Definitions


Membership Category


Full Graduate Faculty

Full membership is for newly hired full-time tenure track faculty with more than three (3) years graduate education experience prior to coming to TSU and for tenure track TSU faculty with more than three (3) years graduate education experience. Membership must be renewed every 5 years.

Associate Graduate Faculty Level II

Associate Membership Level II is for faculty having held Full Membership but who no longer meet the criteria for re-certification.

Associate Graduate Faculty Level I

Associate Membership Level 1 is for newly hired tenure track faculty holding the terminal degree having fewer than three years graduate teaching experience and hired into departments with graduate programs.

Adjunct Graduate Faculty

These criteria apply to part-time adjunct or full-time temporary faculty members at TSU. Adjunct status must be renewed every year. Adjunct members may not direct theses or dissertations, but may serve as committee members.

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