Child Development and Family Studies

Aiding Families via Childcare, Family Support Programs and Education.

About the Program

This undergraduate program combines knowledge regarding human development, relationships, and family well-being. Students are trained to work competently with individuals and families across the lifespan within the early educational system and in the community. 

Students will graduate with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Family and Consumer Sciences and a concentration in Child Development and Family Studies.

Professional Opportunities 

Since the education provided students concentrating in Child Development and Family Studies covers many areas, graduates may engage in a wide variety of professions. Many new professionals enter the childcare field. They have received training to be:

  • appropriate teachers,
  • administrators,
  • family non-profit employees,
  • or eventual owners of childcare institutions.

Some may choose to work more directly with families. The following agencies benefit greatly from our graduates' knowledge of development and family well-being: 

  • nonprofit agencies
  • family service agencies. 

New professionals can run workshops, develop programs or work individually with families to improve their quality of life.

The training that students concentrating in Child Development and Family Studies receive also gives them a firm foundation to pursue further expertise as a Certified Family Life Educator. While both of these areas require either further education or additional experience, they build upon the education that students have received.

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B.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Child Development and Family Studies

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