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Developing Relevant Opportunities for Novel Experiences (DRONE)  

This program was recently funded through a USDA-NIFA Capacity Building Grant in 2018.  Project members include Dr. Jason de Koff (PI), Dr. Tom Broyles (Co-PI) and Dr. Erdem Erdemir (Co-PI).  The program will incorporate the use of drones (i.e. UAS, unmanned aircraft systems) for adult and youth audiences to provide engaging experiences for learning!

Field of winter canola and switchgrass
For farmer audiences the focus is mainly on how drones can be used in agricultural practices.  Farmers participating in our program will learn:

  • How to fly a drone through real, hands-on experiences ("try before you buy")
  • How drones can be used in different agricultural applications
  • The different types of drones, options and costs
  • Laws and federal regulations for drone use

Drones in Agriculture
Drone Laws and Regulations
Drone Options and Costs
Using DroneDeploy in Agriculture

Fact Sheets:
Drones in Agriculture
Drone Laws and Regulations
Drone and Sensor Options and Costs
Using Software to Capture and Analyze Drone Images
Using Drones in Animal Production

For youth audiences the focus is mainly on using drones to teach important STEM principles.  They will engage in coding a drone, using drone flight simulator software, and flying small drones.  Youth participating in our program will learn:

  • Drone safety
  • Electrical engineering and energy transfer
  • Drone code
  • Physics of flight

To request a youth workshop in your county, please contact Thomas Broyles at 615-963-1840 or tbroyle1@tnstate.edu

Drone Certification Training

Those using drones for commercial or educational purposes are required to get the remote pilot certification.  Trainings for this certification were offered in Knoxville, Jackson, and Murfreesboro, TN in 2019.  There trainings were also offered online through the American Society of Agronomy (Online training).  If you are interested in receiving training for drone certification, please contact Jason de Koff at 615-963-4929 or jdekoff@tnstate.edu