Insects and Mites


Broad Mites

Camphor Shot Borer

Commercial Insect and Mite Control

Emerald Ash Borer - US Quarantine Map

Flatheaded Appletree Borer - Using Systemic Soil Drenches for Protection

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid - Occurrence Map 

Insecticide Mode of Action Table

Imported Fire Ants - Quarantine Treatments for Nursery Stock

Imported Fire Ants - Baiting Nursery Blocks with a Herd® GT-77 Spreader

Imported Fire Ants - Calibrating a Fire Ant Bait Spreader

Imported Fire Ants - Changing a Blocking Plate on a Herd® GT-77 Spreader

Imported Fire Ants - Control in Production Nurseries with Baits

Imported Fire Ants - Post Harvest Drench Treatments for B&B and Containers

Imported Fire Ants - Tennessee Quarantine Map

Mites - Miticide Table

Maple Shoot (Tip) Borer

Scale - Japanese Maple

Scale - Treatment and Removal