Master Plan

Planning for our Future

Campus Master Plan


I.   Table of Contents
ii.  List of Tables and Figures
iii.  Acknowledgments
iv.  Executive Summary


Work Program

1.       History of the University

          1.1.    Description of History
1.2.    Overview of Institution

2.       Goal Formation

          2.1.    Institutional Mission Statement
          and Strategic Plan

2.2.    Goals and Issues for Future
          Academic Programs

3.       Existing Campus Conditions

          3.1.    Campus Grounds
          3.1.1.  Campus Framework
          3.1.2.  Land Use
  3.1.3.  Building Use and Condition
            Building Use
            Facility Assessment
          3.1.4.  Open Space and Pedestrian Circulation
          3.1.5.  Vehicular Circulation and Parking
          3.1.6.  Athletic and Recreational Facilities
          3.1.7.  Way finding
3.2.    Existing Campus Infrastructure
          3.2.1.  Domestic Hot Water
          3.2.2.  Electric Power
          3.2.3.  Sanitary and Storm Sewer
          3.2.4.  Steam and Chilled Water
          3.2.5.  Communications
          3.2.6.  Natural Gas
3.3.    Community Setting
          3.3.1. Regulatory Issues
          3.3.2.  Environmental Issues



4.       Future Campus Requirement

         4.1.    Executive Space Summary
4.2.    Space Needs Analysis to Target Year
          4.2.1. Student Enrollment Assumptions
          4.2.2.  Faculty and Staff Projections
          4.2.3.  Academic Space Requirements by Academic

          4.2.4.  Academic Support Facility Requirements
4.3.    Parking Space Projections
4.4.    Athletic and Recreational Facilities Projections
4.5.    Utility Infrastructure Requirements
          4.5.1.  Domestic Water and Fire Protection
          4.5.2.  Electric Power
          4.5.3.  Sanitary and Storm Sewer
          4.5.4.  Steam and Chilled Water
          4.5.5.  Communications
          4.5.6.  Natural Gas
4.6.    Proposed Land Acquisitions

5.            Preliminary Physical Master Plan

                  5.1.         Alternative Concepts
                  5.2.         Selection of Preferred Alternative

6.            Physical Master Plan

                6.1.         Land and Building Use
                6.2.         Vehicular Circulation and Parking
                6.3.         Open Space and Pedestrian Circulation
                6.4.         Athletic and Recreational Facilities
                6.5.         Utility Infrastructure

7.            Implementation

                7.1.         Phasing and Implementation Plan
7.2.         Cost Estimates for Building, Infrastructure and
                               Site Improvements

8.            Appendix

      Appendix to Facility Assessment:
                               Assessment Forms