Satinderpaul Singh Devgan

Professor and Head

Dr. Devgan is Professor and Head of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Tennessee State University since 1979. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Power Systems from Illinois Institute of Technology before joining Tennessee State University in 1970.

He has developed and implemented M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer and Information Systems Engineering (CISE) programs, and has published in IEEE and ASEE Conference Proceedings. He is a recipient of Outstanding Researcher of the Year award in 1994 from Tennessee State University and was inducted to its Million Dollar Research Club.

He is past-chairman of Southeastern Association of Electrical Engineering Department Heads (SAEEDH) and is currently serving as Secretary of the BOD of Southeastern Center for Electrical Engineering Education (SCEEE). He also served as Editor of ECEDHA Newsletter from 2001 to 2006.


Office: 214F Torrence Hall
Fax: 615-963-2165





1965-1970 Ph.D., EE (Electric Power Systems), Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL.
1964-1965 M.S., EE (Electric Power Systems), Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL.
1957-1961 B.Sc., EE (1961), Panjab University, G. N. Engr. College, Ludhiana, India.


Administrative and Academic Experience

Aug. 1999-2009 Coordinator, Ph.D. in Computer and Information Systems Engineering,
Aug. 1979- Head & Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN.
Aug. 1978- Professor, Electrical Engineering, Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN
Aug. 1974-78 Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering
Sept. 1970-74 Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering

Industrial Experience

2/1965-9/’67 Project Engineer, Scam Instruments Corp. Skokie, IL.
2/1962- 2/’64 Electrical J.C.T. Mills Pvt Ltd., Phagwara, Punjab, India.



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3/2003           Selected to TSU Million Dollar Research Club, Charter Member, March 2003

12/1999         Dean’s Outstanding Faculty Award, College of Engr. & Tech. Tenn. State Univ.

2009-2014     Program Evaluator for Electrical Engineering,, EAC of ABET, 3rd 5-year term

5/1994          Outstanding Researcher Award for Excellence in Research, Tenn. State Univ.

6/1990          Selected nationally by IEEE EAB to participate in an IEEE sponsored workshop to develop a book titled, "Teaching  Design in Electrical Engineering."



Registered P.E. in State of Tennessee (# 018410) and Illinois (# 062-025523) (inactive).

Guided MS Thesis (11), ME Projects (16) and B.S. Capstone Projects & Student Publications

1. Dwayne Arnold," Design of a Hybrid Wind Power System for a small Farming Community." December 1996. Presented the paper at the PICA'97 International Conference in Cleveland, OH and won First Place Award.

2. Devgan, S.S. and Walker, D.R., “Design of a hybrid wind power storage and generation system for a remote community. Published in the WEEANN'95 Proceedings published by World Scientific Publishing of U.K. Paper presented at the 1995 Workshop on Environmental and Energy Applications of Neural Networks held at Battelle Pacific Northwest laboratories, Richland, WA. March 30-31, 1995.

Experiences in development and implementation of Systems Engineering based (M.S. and Ph.D.) programs and teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in electric power systems, complemented by NREL funded wind energy research experience, will provide me unique opportunity to contribute to Smart Grid implementation.



• Program Chair - Systems Engr. Div., 2011 ASEE Annual Conference , Vancouver, Canada.

• ABET Evaluator - ABET Program Evaluator for EE programs for 3rd 5 year term.

• Program Chair – ASEE ECE Division, 2004 ASEE Annual Conference, Salt Lake City, UT

• Secretary – Board of Directors of Southeastern Center for Electrical Engineering Education

• Life member ASEE, and IEEE, and member Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Phi



Lee Keel (Tenn. State Univ.), Mohan Malkani (Tenn. State Univ.), Ned Mohan (Uni. of Minnesota), M.S. Zein-Sabatto (Tenn. State Univ.)


None in the last five years.


Dr. Edwin R. Whitehead, (thesis advisor), and Dr. William A. Lewis (advisor), both deceased.