Greetings from Tennessee State University's Center on Aging Research and Education Services (CARES) at the College of Public Service and Urban Affairs (CPSUA), and a message from Our Dean .

Our Vision: Established in 1989, the purpose of the Center on Aging at CPSUA is to address the needs of a vulnerable population to include providing an annual Elder Abuse Institute.  Through this institute the Center on Aging engages in prevention activities and regularly convenes local, state, and non-profit agencies to problem solve strategies that improve the quality of life for the aging population in Tennessee.  To increase the impact that the Center has on the quality of life for aging populations, the Center on Aging expanded its focus. The Center on Aging now seeks to develop a more comprehensive understanding of issues facing the elderly.  This requires an understanding of the aging process over the lifespan of individuals and a conceptualization of the conditions faced by this population, especially as it relates to elder abuse.

The following are the strategic directions for the Center on Aging :

  • To conduct primary research on aging issues across the lifespan;
  • To develop preventive strategies in response to research findings and;
  • To continue identification and dissemination of information about elder abuse and address disparities that are revealed.

With a renewed focus on shared governance, the Center on Aging will leverage experts in aging from the local aging community, government, private agencies, and community partners to work in concert on the research agenda, planning, implementation, and reporting of research and outreach activities for the Center on Aging.

Given the foci of the Center, herein lie the strategic goals of the Center on Aging:

  • To increase knowledge on aging in Tennessee;
  • To increase human capital of Tennesseans prepared to engage aging issues and:
  • To serve as a training and service laboratory for undergraduate and graduate students and community partners.

With the revised focused, the Center for Aging will now be called Tennessee State University's Center on Aging Research and Education Services (TSUCARES). We are excited about our expansion and look forward to engaging in rigorous research, scholarship, and practice as we seek to improve the quality of living for the elderly community.










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