Parking and Traffic Services


Parking Permits Must Be Picked Up At Hankal Hall.

Students, employees and visitors MUST obtain and display a parking permit in their vehicle when parking on campus.  

How to Obtain a TSU Parking Permit (Students & Employees) you will need the following information:

    • Vehicle Registration/Renewal Form
    • Current Proof of Insurance
    • Valid Drivers License
    • Valid TSU ID
    • {for Disability Permit only} - State-Issued Disabled Placard
    • {for Disability Permit only} - State-Issued Registration Form for the Disabled Placard


Displaying Your Hangtag or Decal

Students Permits (Decals)
Student decals MUST be permanently affixed to the inside front windshield in the lower left corner (driver's side), 6 to 12 inches from the dashboard to be valid.  The decal must be visible and cannot be obstructed.  Failure to permanently affix the decal to the windshield will result in the vehicle being cited for failure to display parking permit.  

Employee Permits (Hangtags)
Employee hangtags must be properly displayed and clearly visible from the front rear view mirror of the vehicle.

Disability Placards
The University requires all students, faculty or staff who have a state-issued disability permit to obtain a Tennessee State University-issued disability parking permit (as noted further above). Both permits must be properly displayed when parking on campus.

Permit Rates

Parking permits are valid from September 1 to August 31 of the following year.  Parking permits for the new academic year are available for sale during the last week in August. The cost of one parking permit for students is included in tuition fees.  Employee parking permit is $60.00 for general permits, $150.00 for reserved permits and $180.00 for gated reserved permits. Note: Reserved and gated parking spaces are limited. Please contact the Parking Services office for availability of reserved or gated parking spaces and if desired, to be added to the waitlist.

Event Parking

Hale Stadium parking lots may be preempted for events, especially home Football, special events and Commencement. 

Parking map for Hale Stadium
Merritt Plaza Parking Lot (Y)
Gentry Complex Lot (FF)

Signs will be posted at the entrance to the affected parking lots at least 1 day in advance, with the date(s) of the restriction. Vehicles will be ticketed, and may be towed, if they remain in the parking lot after the posted restriction begins.


If you have questions, please contact the Parking Office.