Unit Safety Committees

Keeping Students and Employees Safe

Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Dr. Charles Dumenyo,Chair 963-5634
  Dr. Jason deKoff 963-4929
  Dr. Fulya Baysal-Gurel 931-815-5-43
  Dr. Ali Taheri 963-6056
  Dr. Richard Browning 963-5837
  Dr. Sudipta Rakshit 963-6058

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
   Ms. A Sue Ballard de Ruiz  963-5623
   Dr. Fur-Chi Chen 963-5410
   Dr. Agnes Kilono-Nethenge 963-5437

Nursery Research Center
   Dr. Nick Gawel 931-668-3233
   Dr. Donna Fare 931-815-5144
   Dr. Karla Addesso 931-815-5155
   Mr. Morris Bond 931-815-5154
   NRC Safety and Emergency Preparedness Guide (large file)

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